Have the coolest summer in Siberia

Summer is coming and not all of us enjoy high temperatures an sunny days. Have the coolest Summer in Siberia. Once upon a time, being sent to Siberia was the cruelest punishment. Today, a trip there is a visit to Paradise.  

Trans-Siberian: the art of travel

The name of this legendary railway will always be associated with Siberia. The European side of the country ends by the Ural mountains and then enters Siberia.

The route is 9,289 km in total, which makes the Trans-Siberian longest railway in the world. After a week-long trip on the Trans-Siberian route, you will be closer to really understand the Russian character.

The unforgettable view of Lake Baikal, the underground tunnels to the highest point of the route, the Yáblonovo Pas, in Transbaikalia and the talks with local and foreign travelers are only a few good reasons to get to know the world’s largest country better. 

The Putorana plateau

It may seem that the communication era would have made finding virgin arear impossible, even here. However, you can have a very cool summer in Siberia all by yourself in one of the uninhabited areas that remain intact. Beware: this is extreme North. So, cool might be actually, freezing cold.

There are numerous gorges and villages, but the area is famous above all for being the land of 10,000 lakes and 1,000 waterfalls. There is no other place in Russia that has such concentrated waterfalls. There is also Lake Vivi, known as the geographic center of Russia. Visiting the Putorana plateau is as if one woke up on an unknown planet.

Lake Baikal

Nowadays anyone who wants to see images of the legendary lake can easily find them online.

But having a look at pictures of Baikal is not the same as making the effort to actually visit the place. The landscape of the deepest lake on earth, which some call ‘sacred sea’, will truly impress you. Each year thousands of travelers from all over the world make their way there. Some routes take tourists to the Oljon island, others cross the waters by boat, while land adventurers surround Baikal by bicycle or on foot.

A trip to the Siberian sea also means having the chance to try some unique fish species, such as the omul, admire the ancient stone architecture and the monuments of the Siberian Baroque. All this adds to the experience of seeing Siberia in all its glory and diversity. 

Ergaki National Park: a cool and family summer in Siberia

This mountainous region, full of taiga forests, is one of the most compact, beautiful and accessible places in Siberia. Families, teenagers, and professional mountaineers go to Ergaki to admire its waterfalls, eat blueberries and roast pineapples in a campfire or and climb to the peaks where you can admire the views of the great Savan and the dense taiga. 


In Siberia, there are many cities where wooden architecture has been preserved. But Tomsk is special. As one can find the peculiar essence of the old times, its spirit and simplicity.

The mansion of Shishkov, the wonderful lands of the oldest teaching house in Siberia, the state university of Tomsk, the fabulous “House of firebirds” and, probably most famous, the prints on the window frames.

In Tomsk, there are masterpieces of Russian wooden architecture and examples of Siberian baroque, as well as art nouveau.

Sands of Chara

We have been talking about the lush vegetation and the mystery of Water. But Chara is a great desert surrounded by taiga, rivers, and mountains that are difficult to access. It is also called the Chara beach, perhaps the strangest desert in the world.

Here you can walk barefoot on the sand, climb huge sand dunes, swim in a cold lake and pick cranberries. Chara beach is both a sample of the taiga and the oriental character of Siberia, which distinguishes it from any other place in the world. If you climb the mountain range of Kodar in a place called Marble Canyon you can find remains of the remote and isolated BorLAG Soviet labor camp. A place to learn about the disturbing history of Stalin’s secret prisons in Siberia.

Altai Mountains

Although Altai, lake Baikal, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Siberia. It is an enigmatic place, mysterious and full of natural wonders.

Any visitor will be intrigued by the petroglyphs, stone engravings, and other antiquities that abound in the caves of this territory. Those who love to swim in the rivers, mountaineering and caving will find routes to suit their taste and physical shape. Families with children have comfortable corners in the woods near Lake Telétskoe, and cyclists can take a trip down the famous Chuiski Road, which runs through Altai, and you can also enjoy horseback riding in the mountains.

Having a cool summer in Siberia couldn’t be more different from being punished. Let Exoticca help you organize the vacation package to Russia and make it even more wonderful.

Russia vacation packages

Russia vacation packages

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