When is the best time to visit Lebanon?

best time to travel to Lebanon

As the only country in the Middle East to enjoy four seasons, the best time to visit Lebanon is spring.  At this time of year, you can enjoy sightseeing in Beirut and Byblos or explore the mountains of the north. On the other hand, Lebanon enjoys at least 300 days of sunshine a year and a pleasant, Mediterranean climate. Therefore, any time of year is a good time to visit Lebanon; it just depends on your travel plans. Here’s all you need to know about the best time to visit Lebanon.

Best time to visit Beirut

Best time to visit Beirut

Beirut is the cosmopolitan capital of Lebanon. This vibrant city is the starting point for most tours of Lebanon and boasts an array of cultural sights. On top of this, Beirut is the best place to enjoy the delights of Lebanese cuisine and understand the modern, innovative side of the country. With lots of museums and mosques, there’s plenty of sightseeing to do in Beirut. Therefore, the best time to visit Beirut is outside of the hot summer months. Between July and late September, temperatures can reach the high 20s and low 30s. Unless you want to spend your vacation on the beach, it’s better to avoid this time of year and visit in spring or late fall instead.

Visiting Lebanon in the summer

summer in Lebanon

The best time to visit Lebanon for a beach break is during the summer. You can expect dry and very warm temperatures during the summer, perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean coastline. Lebanon has a range of gorgeous beaches along its Mediterranean coast, stretching from Beirut to Byblos. If you visit Lebanon during the summer but prefer cooler climes, head to the mountains. Across the Lebanon Mountains, you’ll find plenty of hiking trails and cooler temperatures, perfect for exploring the natural landscapes! The mountains of Bcharre and the forests of the Cedars are particularly beautiful in the summer.

The best time to visit Lebanon: Spring

Spring: the best time to visit Lebanon

Spring is the best time to visit Beirut. At this time of year, you can explore the sights of Beirut and the amazing Roman ruins of Baalbek, Byblos and Tyre. By the end of May, you can also enjoy days on the beach and bathing in the water Mediterranean Sea. Temperatures hover between the high teens and early 20s (degrees Celsius) and sightseeing hotspots are a lot less crowded than in the peak season. If you’re planning a trip, remember that spring is the best time to visit Lebanon for a package tour.

Visiting Lebanon in the fall

visiting Lebanon in Autumn

Fall is another great time to travel to Lebanon. Although the summer heatwave often endures well into September and early October, the crowds of summer have dispersed by this time. Enjoy warm days and cooler nights, perfect for getting out into the natural landscapes of Lebanon. Why not visit the wineries and vineyards of the Bekaa Valley in time for the annual grape harvest or explore the ancient cedar trees of the Chouf Mountains. Furthermore, the area of Tannourine is well-known for its beautiful fall leaves at this time of year.

Visiting Lebanon in the winter

Best time to visit Lebanon

You probably don’t think of Lebanon as a winter destination, but it’s actually a flourishing winter sports hotspot! Just an hour from Beirut you’ll find the ski resort of Mzaar Kfardebian, the largest in the Middle East. With peaks of up to 2,465 metres high and a range of challenging ski slopes, this is Lebanon’s best ski resort. Cedars Ski Resort, in the north of Lebanon, is another incredible snow-covered destination, complete with charming Alpine-style architecture. Therefore, if you like skiing, the best time to visit Lebanon is during the winter!

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