When is the best time to travel to Spain?

You might be wondering, ‘when is the best time to travel to Spain?’ if you are planning your next vacation. Although the climate is mild all year round, some months are better than others, depending on your chosen destination. Spain is nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean and is a large country, known for its laid-back culture and beautiful beaches. It’s also home to a number of important, historic cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

Best time to travel to Spain for a beach break

If you dream of the sun-kissed beaches of Spain’s ‘costas’, then you’ll want to know when the best time to travel to Spain for a beach vacation is. Some of the country’s most popular beach destinations include Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona and Marbella. Whether you prefer the picturesque coves of the Costa Brava or the golden beaches of the Costa del Sol, June, July and August are the most popular months to travel to Spain. At this time of year, you’re guaranteed high temperatures and sunshine.

Despite this, many prefer to save their Spanish beach vacations until the autumn months of September and October. In these months it is still warm enough to enjoy the beach, but the evenings are slightly cooler. In the evenings you’ll only need a light jacket for exploring the local tapas bars. Alternatively, spring is also a good time to travel to Spain, especially if you prefer cooler temperatures.

best time to travel to Spain

Best time to visit Spain for sightseeing

Spain boasts a long and complex history, the relics of which are scattered throughout the country’s major cities and towns. No matter where you travel, you’re sure to find a variety of unforgettable monuments and landmarks. Barcelona, Madrid and Granda are some of the most popular cities for tourism. Lesser-known cities such as Bilbao, Cordoba, Zaragoza and Salamanca are equally worth visiting. If you’re travelling to Spain for sightseeing, it’s a good idea to avoid the hottest months of the year, although this depends on your destination. For example, if you are planning on visiting the northern city of San Sebastian, then you might prefer to visit in the summer. This is due to the city’s location and cooler climate.

On the other hand, if you visit Granada and the Alhambra Palace, it is better to avoid sightseeing in the summer. In July and August, the average temperatures are over 30 degrees here. Overall, the best time to travel to Spain for sightseeing is anywhere between September and May, avoiding the hottest months. Whether you want to absorb the grandeur of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, enjoy a shopping spree in Madrid or discover the heritage of Seville, there are countless places to sightsee in Spain.

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Best time to visit the Canary Islands

Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are composed of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa. These islands have long been popular vacation destinations due to their unique geographical location. You can expect year-round warm temperatures and sunshine. These rugged volcanic islands are perfect for a laid-back beach break and for hiking and cycling trips.

Any time of year is a good time to visit the Canary Islands, although some islands are warmer than others. For example, Lanzarote is considered to be the warmest of the Canary Islands. If you plan on enjoying Canarian culture and cuisine after dark, take warm clothes for the evenings, as the temperatures drop at nightfall.

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Best time to travel to the Balearic Islands

Off the east coast of the Spanish mainland lies the Balearic Islands. Famous for the white-isle of Ibiza and the beaches of Mallorca, the Balearic Islands are an excellent choice if you are planning a vacation to Spain. The Balearic’s enjoy a warm climate and each island has its own unique personality and attractions. Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera are the four largest, inhabited islands of this Spanish archipelago. Mallorca is the largest and is known for the eclectic architecture of its capital city, Palma.

The best time to visit the Balearic Islands depends on your reason for visiting. If you don’t mind the hot weather then the summer is a great time to visit for a beach break. This is especially true for the island of Ibiza, which is famed for its summer-time nightlife. On the other hand, the Balearic Islands is a good choice for a winter break. Even in October and November, you can enjoy sunny days and mild temperatures, without the summer crowds.

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It’s always a good time to travel to Spain and you’re sure to find a destination that’s perfect for you, no matter when you travel.

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