The most beautiful places to visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tourist´s dream. It has lazy beaches, sprawling cities and tropical jungles. From the megalopolis of Jakarta to the hippy kingdom of Bali, these are the four most beautiful places to visit in Indonesia.


Jakarta, the megalopolis you must visit in Indonesia

Jakarta is the largest city in South-East Asia and is also the capital of the Indonesian archipelago. Over 9 million people live in the city and it´s suburbs, making it one of the most populated cities on Earth. It is also one of the most interesting places to visit in Indonesia. Whilst the city can seem overwhelming, it has much to offer by way of tourism. Merdeka Square is a must-see. This large plaza is one of the places where you can relax and it houses a deer enclosure. There are also plenty of street food vendors where you can try some delicious local cuisine. From here, the Museum Nasional is also another top spot to visit in Indonesia. This is by far one of the best museums in Indonesia and has some excellent Sumatran relics. Tours can be arranged, but there is a wealth of treasures to see if you decide to go it alone. The ethnography section is one of the best in the world and has some beautifully preserved costumes.

After this, take a walk by the old harbor of Koto. The city has plenty to see on foot, and you can easily lose yourself in the mass of streets.


Bali, the amazing paradise

Bali is one of the most obvious places to visit in Indonesia. First of all, you must spend some time at Tanah Lot, the most famous temple on the island. The temple is right next to the sea and houses the gods of the ocean. The views are spectacular, especially at sunrise and sunset. If the romanticism of this temple captures you, travel to Uluwatu, another place that is a must visit in Indonesia. This temple is perched on a cliff and has a wonderful pit where fire dances are performed. There are also monkey reservations nearby where you can get up close and personal with the animals there.

To see more of Bali´s unique culture, take a trip to the Ubud rice terraces. Here you can buy traditional Indonesian souvenirs as well as enjoy a spectacular view over the paddies. The art market of Ubud is also another great place to visit in Indonesia. Here you can enjoy shopping at local artisans.

If you prefer something a little more natural, take a trip to see Kintamani and Mount Batur. This volcano is still active but it is relatively safe to stay nearby. The landscape is breathtaking and will leave you with an unforgettable impression.


Kawah Putih, Java

This is a large crater lake and volcanic site, one of the most striking to visit in Indonesia. The lake itself is surrounded by forest and high crater walls. This makes it sheltered and due to its high altitude, it is cooler than the rest of Java. There are plenty of hiking routes, as well as spots to relax and enjoy the steam emanating from the water. The site is one of great interest, for it has a multitude of birds and wildlife not normally seen in the rest of Indonesia. It´s a lush, tropical environment makes it a wonder for the eyes.

There are plenty of opportunities to relax your body as well as your eyes. There are several resorts that make use of the hot springs as spa treatments. You can also find delicious food from street vendors nearby, most of whom are local farmers.


Komodo National Park

This may seem like a strange choice but it is one visit to Indonesia that you will not regret. The park is in the Lesser Sunda islands and includes three islands itself. The park´s main aim is to protect the Komodo dragon, but now it also acts a preservation center for many other animals. The park itself is a World Heritage site and is a natural wonder. Thanks to the biodiversity on the island, it is the perfect place to practice a variety of water sports. Scuba and snorkeling are the most popular. You can also enjoy boat tours around the islands, spotting the wildlife along the way. The park has become famous in recent years for ecotourism, which aims to make the park self-sufficient. So, if you fancy some time off the beaten track and relaxing among nature, the Komodo park is the best place for you to visit in Indonesia.

Indeed, there are many wondrous sites to visit in Indonesia. A tourist would never become bored of these wonderful islands and all the beauty they have to offer. For more information on holidays to Indonesia and South-East Asia, please visit Exoticca for details.

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