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There are as many types of travelers as destinies. In Exoticca we have beaches for the sun addicts, mountains for the explorers, cities for the urbanites… But if you are seeking for a deeper experience, you can also start your spiritual trip on Earth. Visit any of the following destinies and become a new person.

Rishikesh (India)  – Yoga TTC

When it comes to a spiritual trip on Earth, the first option must be India.   This is a land of contrast. You will find dirt, misery, and poverty everywhere, but also landscapes and fairy tale monuments as well as wonderful people.

In the north of the country at the foot of the Himalayas, you will encounter the Disneyland of Yoga. Rishikesh, a sacred pilgrimage city. There are dozens of ashrams to choose from and lots of courses of all varieties of Yoga. The most popular is the 200-hour TTC (teacher training Course). These courses take between 4 and 5 weeks and you will spend 6 to 8 hours of class a day, 6 days a week.

It does not matter what your level of Yoga is. Whether you have been practicing for years and want to be a teacher, or if you have just started and want to get involved in this world. This is a perfect option to learn anatomy, philosophy, meditation, breathing and everything that Yoga involves.

This spiritual journey to India will push you towards the path of Yoga and can suppose a before and after in your life on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Koh Phangan (Thailand) – Tantra

Koh Phangan is one of the most visited spiritual places in the world and, therefore, a perfect spiritual trip on Earth to start with.

We are talking about a tropical island with transparent waters and jungle around every corner, but it also has the highest density of courses and workshops of spiritual growth per square mile in the world.  Here, you will be able to study Yoga, Chi Kung, Rebirthing, martial arts, dances of all kinds and everything you can think of (and some things that you would not be able to imagine). If you take one of the many Tantra workshops in the offer, you will have the chance to review many of the beliefs you have about sex. And you will also learn many ways to differently cope with life.

Mount Fuji – Japan

Wrapped in the rich Japanese mythology, this sacred site is associated with meditation and traditional pilgrimages. The goddess Konohanasakuya-Hime, whose symbol is Sakura’s flower, is the deity of volcanoes and mountains. Legend has it that, after an eruption of the volcano in the 8th century, she gave birth to three children begotten by fire. For this reason, Mount Fuji has several sanctuaries dedicated to the goddess of cherry blossoms and the delicate earthly life, erected in the hope that the goddess will contain the devastating eruptions of the volcano.

You can imitate the pilgrims in your spiritual trip on Earth towards Mount Fuji. Shinto and Buddhist devotees of antiquity began their pilgrimage by wearing tunics, robes and handmade shoes. Their journey began by crossing the entrance to the Shinto sanctuary of Fujiyoshida, at the foot of the mountain. The arduous road tests the willpower of the pilgrims, and of course yours too. The reward, however, is abundant: the view of the open and endless sky offered by the Komitake Shinto Shrine and the opportunity to observe the sunrise from the summit of Japan’s highest mountain.

This unparalleled meditative experience reveals how to implement the old saying:  the mind over the body. At the same time, the act of getting lost in nature causes a reflective outburst. Returning from such meditation leads to a new life, an ennoblement of the spirit.

Wudang Mounts – China, the Tao spiritual trip on Earth

Your spiritual trip on Earth will lead you to the northeast of Hubei. Here you will find more than 70 peaks whose main summit is called “Heaven’s pilar”. There is much more here than enjoying the exuberant nature. In addition, you will experience the sight of the most impressive collection of ancient buildings you have ever seen.

Rumour has it that the techniques of martial arts related to Taoism, such as Tai Chi Chuan and Pa Kua, were developed here by the hands (and feet) of the monks. Also, the vestiges indicate that a large part of Traditional Chinese Medicine was also born here. Furthermore, in the mountains, there are several temples that adore Tao and that flood this magnificent place with spirituality.

Looking for you spiritual trip? Travel to Asia and find your place!

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Asia vacation packages

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