Endless Summer: Summer getaways for any time of year

Summer getaways for any time of year

Can you imagine an endless summer? The best summer getaways bring you the joys of your favourite season, all year long. When you think of summer, what springs to mind? Long days, spent lounging on the beach, adventures to new and exciting places or immersing yourself in the natural world, these destinations have it all! Whether you’re a beach-lover or prefer a little action on your summer vacation, here’s our pick of endless summer destinations!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: summer holiday destinations

In the heart of Central America lies Costa Rica. Famed for its verdant rainforests, amazing biodiversity and Caribbean beaches, it’s little wonder this country’s name translates to ‘Rich Coast’! Furthermore, Costa Rica is perfect for a summer getaway at any time because it enjoys amazing weather throughout the year. Due to its proximity to the equator, Costa Rica only has two seasons: High Season and Green Season.

The high season brings dry, sun-drenched days, perfect for enjoying the beaches of Guanacaste and Limon. On the other hand, the ‘green season’ is characterised by short, sharp tropical rainstorms. At this time of year, the rainforests spring to life. Wildlife is more active and the emerald cloud forests are enriched by the tropical rains. Generally, the high season runs between December and April, whilst the green season runs from May to November. The good news is that warm temperatures and 12-hours of sunlight can be expected throughout the year!


Thailand: best summer holiday destinations

This tropical southeast Asian country is one of the best summer vacation ideas thanks to its combination of unforgettable cultural sights and amazing natural environments. Whilst it is winter in Canada, Thailand enjoys the ‘dry and cool season’, the best time to visit. Temperatures are consistently warm and there is little to no rain, perfect for sightseeing or exploring the idyllic beaches of the Thai peninsula. The hottest month of the year is April when temperatures can be scorching.

With its tropical climate, Thailand offers an endless summer at any time of year. One of the best vacation destinations for any time of year, many travellers opt for the beaches of Phuket and Ko Samui. Alternatively, the cultural delights of northern Thailand are simply unmissable. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the ancient capital of Sukhothai are filled with temples and historic sights. So, whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the heritage and culture of Thailand or simply want to unwind on white-sand beaches, Thailand has it all!

South Africa

South Africa: summer getaways for winter

South Africa offers an unforgettable travel experience at any time of year. Its situation in the southern hemisphere results in a reverse to the summer and winter seasons experienced in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, autumn and winter are between March and August, and spring and summer can be enjoyed between September and April. Nevertheless, areas in the north of the country enjoy warm temperatures throughout the year. Many people travel to South Africa to experience its impressive wildlife. Kruger National Park is the best place to spot wildlife in South Africa.  Fortunately, this area boasts warm, sunny weather, all year long! Overall, South Africa is one of the best summer getaways to enjoy during the northern hemisphere’s winter months. Destinations such as Cape Town and Durban are particularly popular for beach breaks between December and February.


Cartagena de Indias: places to go in summer

If you dream of experiencing an endless summer, Colombia is the place to go! In particular, the vibrant city of Cartagena de Indias boasts near-perfect temperatures all year long. Expect mid to high 20 degrees temperatures from January to December, so you can enjoy the beaches, long summer nights and sunshine at any time of year! Medellin is another must-visit destination in Colombia. Nicknamed the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Medellin at any time of year. Nestled in a valley, with parts of the city creeping up the surrounding verdant hillsides, cosmopolitan Medellin is a great jumping-off point for exploring the coffee plantations and lush landscapes of the Cocora Valley.


Brazil: places to go in summer

Generally, Brazil is a year-round destination. There is no ‘bad time’ to visit Brazil. Except for the mountains and far-south regions, temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy summer at any time of year! Nothing says ‘summer’ like a festival, and Rio’s world-famous Carnival takes place in February. The iconic beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema are busy throughout the year thanks to the fantastic Brazilian climate, whilst Salvador de Bahia is another great choice for a beach break. Whether you’re visiting for the vibrant culture, exceptional natural landscapes or beautiful beaches, Brazil offers an endless summer experience like no other!



The ultimate summer vacation idea for a spot of luxury, the Maldives is a honeymooners paradise. Overwater villas, white-sand beaches, and abundant warm waters, this remote archipelago is a much-coveted vacation hotspot. A year-round destination, the weather is generally warm and sunny. For guaranteed blue skies and sun-drenched beaches, December to March is the best time to visit the Maldives. Despite this, there’s no bad time to visit. A few short downpours can be expected if you visit the Maldives outside of the high season, but you can also enjoy less crowded resorts and lower prices. Indeed, summer never ends in the Maldives, making it one of the best summer getaways for any time of year!

Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Islands

Situated off the coast of North Africa, these volcanic isles are known for their beautiful climate. Even in the depths of December or January, the islands enjoy sunny days and spring-like temperatures of at least 20 degrees Celsius, making them the perfect choice for some winter sun. With epic volcanic landscapes, the Canary Islands are also great for those looking for a hiking or cycling trip. In fact, athletes from across the world visit the Canary Islands to make use of the warm climate for training throughout the year! So, if you’re looking for summer getaways in Europe, you can’t beat the Canary Islands.

Don’t let the sun set on summer this year! Discover our Endless Summer destinations on our website and savour your favourite season, any time of year!

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