Deep Blue Sea: where to dive in America

70% of our planet is covered with water. This is great news for diving enthusiasts. One of the most beautiful sports in the world, Latin America, is a region that offers a huge amount of points to practice scuba diving. Reefs, caves, boats, sharks and pirate treasures. Dare to immerse yourself in the depths of the ocean and find where to dive in America with ExoticcaFrom Mexico to Argentina, the natural landscapes of the continent are home to countless creatures and marine flora. Do not miss any of it and keep reading!

Santa Marta, Colombia

The biggest danger of this site is that you may not want to return. His tourist slogan warns us: “the magic of having everything“.  If you wonder where to dive in America, you can start here, The oldest city in Colombia, founded in 1525, has more than 100 beaches. It is a place that offers a variety of attractions for diving lovers. Under its waters, you will find coral reefs, sunken ships, caves and about 150 species of fish.  You can also enjoy night fauna. Diving at night is very different from doing it during the day, it is usually done in shallower areas since the scarcity of light is an extra handicap.  By daylight or at night, Santa Marta´s underwater treasures are something you will not easily forget.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Unesco declared this volcanic archipelago a World Heritage Site.  It surely deserves its place as one of the jewels of Brazilian diving hotspots. You just have to submerge your head to see hundreds of rays, fishes and turtles. When talking about where to dive in America, you must remember these four names: Ginetta, Sela, Rasa and do Meio islands. There you can perform day and night dives and swim among cat sharks, barracudas, dolphins, and turtles. Day trips are available from the mainland.

When asked where to dive in America this is the most mentioned place: Cozumel, Mexico

Here is one of the most famous diving destinations in the world. Dive in Cozumel to discover the marine secrets in the crystalline waters of this true paradise on Earth. You can believe us when we say it is an experience you will never forget.  Cozumel is spectacular in terms of corals.  The amount of colors you can see when diving in these waters is impressive. But there is a little problem.  The place is so beautiful that it receives a lot of tourists. Even so, it is one of the best places to dive. Just try to be careful and do not touch the species. This way, they will survive and become even nicer.

Cayo Cochinos, Honduras

Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande are the two main islands of the group (their names in English are Small Island and Big Island). This a protected sea area. The reason is that it holds the second biggest coral reef in the world. The place is actually known as the Mesoamerican Reef Barrier and you must have seen dozens of TV documentaries about it. Now it is time to say that you have found where to dive in America. Do it here and see as many seahorses as you wish.

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This site is famous for its biodiversity. In fact, this is the place that inspired the famous English naturalist Charles Darwin to establish his theory of evolution by natural selection. The archipelago is in the Pacific Ocean,  about 1,000 kilometers off the Ecuadorian coast. The underwater world of these islands is considered one of the most attractive dive sites on the planet. Its waters are the natural habitat of sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales, coral reefs, iguanas, lizards and sea lions, among many others. To submerge here is to enter a new dimension.

Los Roques, Venezuela

Let’s finish this small list of where to dive in America talking about Los Roques. This is a place of incomparable beauty. With a very beautiful and varied flora and fauna, the precious corals stand out and will catch you irremediably. One of the great advantages of diving in Los Roques is that you can do it at any time of the year. So it doesn’t matter what season you chose to make your diving dream come true, just go to Los Roques and do it. However, experts in this sport agree that you will make the most of the area if you visit it in October. With visibilities that go up to 30 meters and more, you will not miss anything of what happens at the bottom of the sea.

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