Chinese customs and traditions that will surprise you

chinese customs

Each country has certain customs or traditions that enrich its culture. Customs that can surprise or even collide with what would be normal for you. Before embarking on a spectacular trip, it is important that you know a little more about the place you are going to visit. It is part of the traveling culture to have knowledge that will be deeply enriched when you travel. China is one of those countries that will surprise you. The Asian giant is a whole world within itself. Traditions that may seem very strange to you, for the Chinese people are part of their daily life. These are some Chinese customs that you must know before taking a trip to China.

The new year and the dragon, unique symbols of an exceptional culture

The new year is one of the most extraordinary Chinese customs that can surprise you. Unlike the rest of the world, the Chinese celebrate the new year according to their lunar calendar, so there is no specific date for this celebration. However, there is some data that makes this a tradition without equal.

Did you know that the Chinese New Year produces the largest migratory movement in the world per year? That’s right, the Chinese travel to their hometowns to reunite with their families and thus spend this traditional festival together.

On the other hand, another of the Chinese customs that are widely known in the rest of the world is the great importance of the dragon in its symbolism. The Chinese are the children of the dragon, a powerful creature that is associated with its emperors.

The food, Chinese customs that will seem strange to you

In the gastronomic field, you can find a lot of things that will surprise you. Customs and traditions of totally different cultures make a clash of what could be known as normal or exotic. Street food is one of the references that mark the cultures of the countries, a hot dog in the streets of New York, a delicious arepa in Colombia or Venezuela, and so with every corner of the world. But in China this is going to seem a bit strange, here you can get insects, yes, insects! Scorpions, crickets, cicadas, which one would you like to try?

Do you want to continue surprising yourself with Chinese food? Surely you have heard that dogs are eaten in China and you try not to believe it. But we have to tell you that you must open your mind a little more so that you understand that there it can be very normal.

Did not you like that about dogs? It’s just a different culture. However, there are many Chinese customs regarding food that may, although seem strange, do not seem unpleasant. An example of this is hot breakfasts and water. Maybe you’re used to having a juice, fresh fruit or something very natural. The Chinese usually eat hot food, which, by the way, is not bad at all. Tea, for example, is one of their passions and that is why drinking hot water is very normal for them. What is the Chinese tea ceremony and what does it consist?

Knowing these Chinese customs will ensure you not to be rude

Disregarding the culture and traditions of a country like China could make you not receive very kindly or feel that you are being rude. Therefore, you must take into account certain actions that you should not do in the Asian country.

Do not leave the chopsticks stuck in rice, this could be very rude, it means you want the death of the person who has served you food. You do not want to do this, do you? Similarly, when you are in a restaurant or hotel, do NOT tip, it could also be considered rude.

Another thing you should avoid is pointing. Little by little you get to know gestures that will feel indecent for your Chinese friends.

Other information about the behavior of the Chinese.

These are some customs that might be of interest to you about the Chinese people:

  • They usually take a bath at night; they prefer it rather than taking a refreshing bath in the mornings.
  • They spit on the ground, although the authorities have banned it and try to eliminate it, it is a difficult habit to eradicate.
  • They have naps at work, there are usually times inside the offices or factories for employees to have a nap.
  • Love table tennis, it is very easy to find spaces for the practice of this sport in public places. People of all ages practice it daily.

Surely, you’ve heard that in China only families are allowed to have a child. Well, this is no longer the case, now the second child is allowed. This was a measure that was taken to reduce the incredible increase in the population. However, the imbalance in the genres and the lack of manpower, forced to eliminate this law.

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