11 best travel movies that will make you travel around de world

best travel movies

Sometimes we can’t just pack our stuff and leave. But travelholics have always a substitute for the road. Sometimes, watching a movie takes you where you want to go. this is what happens with these films. The 11 best travel movies ever.

1.- Memories of Africa

The photograph and the soundtrack really embellished the coffee plantation in Kenya that Isak Dinesen created in her novel. This film made many spectators dream of flying in a plane over the savannah. It also created the fantasy of having the hair washed by  Robert Redford. African landscapes and a love story is all it needed to become a classic and one of our best travel movies.

2.- Motorcycle Diaries

A great example of initiatory travel and one of the best travel movies in Spanish. In this film, we travel with young Che Guevara through Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Places like Machu Picchu shaped his belief in Latin American identity and social justice. The route he takes is real, sentimental and symbolic. And it changed his life forever.

3.-The talent of Mr. Ripley

The dolce far niente of the jet set of the late fifties has seldom been better reflected. The Amalfi coast, Rome and Venice sparkle dramatically accompanying Matt Damon’s escalation of anguish. This is one of his best roles and he shares it with the beautiful ones: Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. Who does not understand Tom Ripley a little?

4.-Tiger and dragon

A frantic adventure film that not only makes you want to travel but also to climb the roofs of the temples and to do acrobatic fighting among the bamboo forests. Ang Lee hit the nail on the head with this tale of martial arts and intrepid princesses seeking freedom through China’s most spectacular scenery. We could not leave Tiger and dragon out of the list of best travel movies.

5.-Hideous Kinky

There are few people more credited to talk about the virtues and shortcomings of hippie education than Esther Freud, the director of this film. She spent part of her childhood in Marrakech when her mother fled London in pursuit of dreams of freedom. Seen through the eyes of two girls, Morocco becomes a stimulating and magical place. Undoubtedly, one of the best travel movies
of all times. Although outside the mainstream circuit.

6.-A room with a view

It may seem strange to include this film in a list of best travel movies. The story tells the consequences of a trip to Florence in a girl educated in strict post-Victorian morality. It is an impeccable adaptation of E. M. Forster’s novel about a time when you didn’t need to leave Europe to find exoticism. The observations and thoughts on tourism of the time are perfectly valid for today’s mass tourism.

7.-Thelma and Louise

When talking about the best travel movies we can not leave out this Thelma and Louise. It is one of the most beloved road movies of all time. A seemingly innocuous road trip becomes a feminist escape in search of freedom through the heart of the United States. Chasing the American dream can be very bitter, almost as much as the final scene in the Grand Canyon. Although the landscapes are wonderful.

8.-Roman Holiday

This fairy tale about an incognito princess revealed to the world the talent of Audrey Hepburn, a star that still shines today. It is a delight to see the main monuments of Rome in the ’50s when the Vespa was not yet a vintage piece. Undoubtedly, one of the best travel movies in history.

9.-Trip to Darjeeling

The careful aesthetics of Wes Anderson involves the three protagonists of a trip through India. Three brothers travel by train, on foot, and by motorbike to rebuild their emotional ties as a family.

10.-Seven years in Tibet

Seven years in Tibet belongs to that era in which the hair of Brad Pitt was another character in his films. The avalanches in the Himalayas, the prison camps of the Second World War and the friendship with the young Dalai Lama, interrupted by history, will make the Austrian climber protagonist rethink the foundations of his existence.

11.-Towards wild routes

One of the most intense and sincere films about the hardships and joys of burning bridges and embarking on a journey to find yourself or, simply, to live. Sean Penn picks up the legacy of the great American vagabonds who conceived the journey as life to direct this film in which the wild nature and breathtaking landscapes of the Colorado Canyon and Alaska accompany a reflection on freedom, beauty, and happiness.

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