When is the best time to visit Indonesia

Indonesia map

The best time to travel to Indonesia is during the dry season, which starts in May and ends in October. However, if you wish to visit Papua or the Maluku Islands, it is best to travel between September and March. The perfect months to visit the country whilst avoiding the tourist crowds are May, June and September.

When to travel to Indonesia

The whole Indonesian archipelago enjoys a tropical climate with an average temperature of 21 to 33 degrees centigrade. The climate changes depending on two seasons: the rainy season (November to April) and the dry season (May to September). November to March is monsoon season, so it is best to avoid travelling during these months. The warmest months coincide with our summer: July and August. This is why they are so popular among tourists.

If, while remembering to avoid the rainy season, you’re still not sure when to travel to Indonesia it is best to plan your trip according to the island you’re going to visit. If you’re planning on visiting several islands, keep in mind the following advice:

When to visit Java

when to visit Java

The best time to visit Indonesia and Java is, without a doubt, during the months of May and June. September is another great month to visit this enchanting island where you can get lost in the jungle, explore volcanoes and experience the island’s culture and traditions for yourself.

When to visit Bali

when to visit Bali

To visit Bali, the beloved destination of millions of tourist from all around the world, be sure to travel between May and September. We advise that you avoid July and August if you want to avoid the crowds of Indonesians and foreign travellers alike. During your stay in Bali you can also visit the nearby Sonda islands.

When to visit Sumatra

When to visit Sumatra

The months of May, June and July are best for travelling to Indonesia if you wish to visit Sumatra easily and peacefully. July and August are also part of the dry season, but you’ll have to fight for cheap prices. Enjoy very pleasant temperatures and days of sun perfect for visiting jungles, villages and idyllic beaches.

When to travel to Sulawesi

When to travel to Sulawesi

If you’re a fan of scuba diving, Sulawesi is for you. Also known as Célebes, the island contains the Wakatobi marine national park, one of the most impressive marine reserves in the world. Once again, the best time to visit Indonesia and this island is during the dry season: May to September.

When to visit Papua and the Maluku Islands

September to March is the ideal season for visiting Papua and scuba-diving off the coasts of Banda or Kai. In addition to some heavenly beaches and incredible ocean life, the volcanoes of the Maluku Islands will make your trip one of a kind. The advantage of travelling to this region during these months is that it is during low season, so you will be able to find flights at a good price.

When to visit Derawan

Another one of Indonesia’s most famous scuba-diving destinations is the Derawan archipelago and the Komodo national park. Sharks, dolphins and manta rays are all waiting to be discovered on your marine adventure. Experienced divers consider this region a true paradise on earth.

When to visit Kalimantan

If you’re not sure when to fly to Indonesia to visit Kalimantan, we recommend any time between May and September. The dry season brings you the perfect climate for visiting the Tanjung Puting national park to see orang-utans in the wild. You’re most likely to see them out in the open if you avoid the monsoon season.

It is also important to take into account the tourist seasons when deciding when best to visit Indonesia.

When to travel to Indonesia depending on the season

In terms of tourist seasons, the best time to travel to Indonesia is during the middle season, which includes the months of May, June and September. During these months the temperature is pleasant and it is not so crowded.

The low season, which runs from October to April, also happens to be the rainy season. During these months you can find some real accommodation bargains, and you can make the most of the perfect scuba-diving season in Papua and the Maluku Islands. If you don’t mind the rain, the downpour tends to happen during the late afternoon and you can spend the rest of the day visiting the country with relative peace and quiet.

During the high season, specifically the months of July and August, Indonesia receives the biggest wave of tourists. For this reason, prices can rise to up to fifty percent. As well as spending more on your trip, you will have to be prepared to join the crowds when visiting the most popular tourist sites.

Now that you know when to travel to Indonesia, don’t wait any longer and plan your trip for the best climate. This beautiful country of breathtaking tropical islands is waiting for you, ready to offer you the holiday of your dreams!