Best road trips in the USA: time to hit the road!

best road trips in the USA

Road trips are an important part of American culture. The best road trips in the USA include epic and diverse landscapes that tell the stories of yesteryear. If you are searching for the best American road trip route, read on. This pick of road trips will have you reaching for your car keys and hitting the road!

Route 66 – Ultimate Cross-Country Road Trip

Route 66

Nothing says ‘American road trip’ like Route 66. With more than 2000 miles of open road, this continent-spanning route has long been a part of the popular imagination. Historically, Route 66 stretched from Chicago in the east to Los Angeles in the west. Although the original road does not officially exist, you can still make this epic journey along an interstate highway called I-40. This ultimate American road trip passes through cornfields, canyons and stretches of wilderness, before coming to an end on the golden sands of California’s Pacific coast. Furthermore, stops along the way, such as old-style diners and quaint country towns evoke kitsch Americana at its best!

Trace the history of those who headed west in search of riches during the Gold Rush, long before this route was established and live the American dream on the so-called ‘Mother Road’. Travel from the ‘rust-belt’ to the ‘sun-belt’ or simply choose a section that suits your interests most. Route 66 is surely one of the best road trips in the USA!

Overseas Highway – Road Trip along US-1 in Florida

Best road trips in the USA: Overseas Highway

A stand-out road trip in America, the Overseas Highway is a 120 miles stretch of Highway 1 which crosses the island chain of the Florida Keys. Connecting Key Largo to Key West, the Overseas Highways crosses the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico as it weaves across sandy islands and verdant atolls. Linking together a paradise of tropical islands, if you travel on the Overseas Highway you’ll encounter coral reefs, white-sand beaches and charming seaside communities. This unique highway also includes the 7 Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world. A drive filled with landscapes and seascapes, the Overseas Highway is one of the best road trips in the USA!

Pacific Coast Highway – Best coastal road trip in the USA

Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

Stretching from Seattle, Washington in the north to San Diego, California in the south, nothing beats the Pacific Coast Highway! Remember, travel North to South for the best ocean views on this 1,675 mile-long route. The route encompasses California Highway 1 and US-101 and includes landscapes as varied as dense forests and sun-drenched beaches. Travelling south from Washington state, you’ll encounter verdant woodland, the redwoods of Northern California and the jaw-dropping ocean-cliffs of Big Sur. Stop along the way at the Olympic National Park, the Oregon Sand Dunes and the Redwood National Park.

Road to Nowhere – North to South Road trip in the USA

Road to Nowhere

One of the USA’s most epic long-distance road trips, the ‘Road to Nowhere’ is officially highway US-83. Starting in North Dakota, near the Canadian border, the route ends at the Mexico border in Texas. Unsurprisingly, this amazing route encompasses some of the most remote landscapes in America. An epic undertaking, driving the Road to Nowhere will take you through the Great Plains, frontier towns, prairie lands and cattle communities. Passing through six states, this is certainly one of the most complete road trips in the USA.

Blue Ridge Parkway – Best scenic road trip in the USA

Best road trips in the USA - Blue Ridge

For an unforgettable ride through pristine landscapes, the best American road trip route is the Blue Ridge Parkway. Weaving through the scenic Appalachian region, the Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles long. Passing through the most scenic parts of Virginia and North Carolina, there’s not one stoplight to spoil your ride! This great American road trip route passes through a vast wilderness of dramatic ridges, lakes and dense forests. Furthermore, the Smoky Mountains National Park and Shenandoah National Park are also included on the route. Interestingly, commercial vehicles are prohibited from driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway and there’s a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. Therefore, you can expect a peaceful ride as you take in the majestic natural landscapes of Appalachia.

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