When is the best time to visit Ecuador

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Establishing the best time to travel to Ecuador is not easy. The climate is so unpredictable that it is almost a question of luck. Although you can travel to Ecuador throughout the year, you need to know how to choose which region well.

When to travel to Ecuador

The climate in Ecuador is divided into two main seasons: rainy and dry. If you want to travel to the Andes, you can go at any time of the year. For the Amazon, it is best to go between October and November, and for the Galapagos Islands, June and August. Another option is to choose your travel dates so they coincide with some of the many festivals that this country holds.

On the other hand, generally, from April to June the climate is warm and humid. But keep in mind that the Amazon region is humid all year round. From December to the beginning of May it is the rainy season, but it all depends on the area that you choose to travel to. Let’s see what the best times are to travel to the different regions of Ecuador.

The Amazon and the Galapagos

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If you are going to the Amazon region it is best to choose the months of October and November. To visit the Galapagos, on the other hand, any month is good, except for May and June, as these are very hot.

Eastern Amazon Region

Avoid the months between December and May, as this is the season for heavy torrential rains. October and November are the perfect months to discover the wilder side of Ecuador. This region offers you many options for adventure, from crossing the forest on a zip wire, to rafting on the rapids of the River Tena.

If your particular thing is the bike, descending along the flanks of the Chimborazo will be an experience you will never forget. Remember that you can also surf throughout the length of the Ecuadorean coast, if this is your preferred sport.

The Equatorial Amazon

This area corresponds with the most humid region in the whole of Ecuador. July and August are the most humid months of the year. Be aware that the region’s tropical climate is not easy to cope with and it is present throughout the year. October and November are the best months in which to visit this area.

Other suitable months for travelling to this region are December and January. During this time the climate is more bearable, so you will be able to fully enjoy your travel. The only problem is that it is the high tourism season, so if you want to avoid the multitudes, you will also need to avoid these months. Get to know the wild flora and fauna of the region: the smallest monkeys in the world (oustitis pigmeos), otters, tapirs and an infinite number of birds.

The Galapagos

The best time to travel to Ecuador and visit the Galapagos are the months of June and August. During these two months the climate is cooler than the rest of the year.  Many tourists tend to take advantage of these times to trek on the islands. If you want to avoid them, you can also travel during the rest of the year. Whenever you decide to go, remember that respect for the natural environment and for the indigenous inhabitants should be your main priority. Today, there are still aboriginal tribes on the islands who prosper due to sustainable tourism.

The Ecuadorean Andes

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Any season is good for visiting the Ecuadorean Andes. The climate is almost always warm in this part of the country, so you won’t feel too much cold. If you are planning your trip to Ecuador, put the capital, Quito, on your list. The lively streets of its Historic Centre are a must see. Also, don’t miss the craft market in Otavalo.

In this part of the country, you could say that the whole year feels like spring. This moderate temperature is perfect for trekking, on foot or on horseback. For birdwatching aficionados, there is no doubt that this place is paradise.

The coastal plains

Between May and December is the perfect time to visit the coastal zone bordering the Pacific Ocean. These are the months of the dry season, so you can enjoy the perfect climate for your planned trip.

Without a doubt, this is the best time to take advantage of thermal baths and visiting some of the country’s indigenous villages. During the rainy season, which is from January to April, you won’t feel like it so much and the experience won’t be quite as enjoyable.

Another reason to travel to the coast between May and December is that you will be able to relax or party, whichever you feel like doing. Another option is to visit the mangroves and discover the unique features of this region. Whenever you travel, don’t ever forget that Ecuadorean gastronomy is fit for kings.

If you are not sure when to travel to Ecuador, you now have the information you need to begin planning your adventure.