What is a Multi-centre Holiday?

Multi-centre holidays

Six-month long trips hopping from country to country are but a fantasy to most people, and is why many are turning to multi-centre holidays to get their fix of wanderlust. But what is a multi-centre holiday?

A multi-centre holiday is a multi-destination trip that brings you the higlights of each country in a relatively short time. Don’t trust your neighbour with the cat or afraid the office might burn down if left too long? Don’t worry, our list of multi-centre packages bring much needed efficiency to ticking off that travel bucket list.

Imperial Cities of Europe

Weekend breaks are usually the go-to when seeking an escape to one of the various urban hotspots of Europe. The mission of multi-centre holidays is to weave these mini breaks together to transform that short getaway into an unforgettable adventure. Our tour of the Imperial Capitals & Central Europe begins with the magic of Moscow and follows it up with the historic allure of St. Petersburg, the living breathing fairytale of Prague, the decadence of Vienna, before Budapest (AKA The Spa of Europe) brings the show to a close. Our 15 day excursion is a must for culture vultures. If looking to lose yourself in grand avenues or quaint alleys steeped in grandeur from yesteryear, this one’s for you. 

South America

Located over 5,000 miles from the not so sunny shores of Blighty, a multi-centre holiday to sample the various delights of South America make those extra hours in the air worth it. Peru is an explosion of Andean culture, fascinating history and pioneering gastronomy. Don’t be fooled in thinking that Machu Picchu makes this country a one-trick pony. It must be said, however, that a walk around ancient walls constructed by Incas in the heart of the mountains leaves is truly breathtaking.

Continue the adventure by heading south in search of some Argentine allure on the romantic streets of Buenos Aires, before getting down to some samba infused Brazilian swagger in Rio de Janeiro. Our 18 day tour around these South American heavy hitters is ideal for those looking to quench their thirst for Latin wanderlust.

Guatemala & Belize

Living in the shadow of its noisy neighbour of Mexico, Guatemala can often be overlooked when trawling through the wealth of holidays on offer in Latin America. Trips to this Central American jewel laced with Mayan tales, and streets dotted with smiling vendors dishing out spicy street food, leaves you aghast at its relatively minor fame on the international stage. Our escape takes you around the glistening waters of Lake Atitlan, the cobbled streets of colonial Antigua, before meandering down the river to get up close and personal with its Mayan heritage. 12 days is a relatively short time to venture around Guatemala. We think finishing off with a good few days resting those weary bones in the real life paradises of the Belize coast, is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation on this multi-centre holiday

Cape, Safari & All-Inclusive Mauritius

Spritely gazelle dancing across African plains, earth-shaking grey giants lumbering through the bush, and majestic lions playing with their cubs under acacia trees –  safari excursions are bliss for any true lover of nature. Millions around the globe flock to Africa every year to see the “Big Five” of Lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and cape buffalo. Choosing between all-inclusive trips to Mauritius or Safari excursions, often result in holiday-planning “debates”. Our packages let you combine both so you can postpone the bickering until the airport run. Gaze at the marvels of African nature while tropical pristine shore lay in wait. Our professional team of crafters take 10 days of wildlife excursions and top it with 5 days of tropical beach bliss to create, what might possibly be, our most well-rounded multi-centre holiday. 

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam

A multi-centre holiday to this enchanting part of the Orient, awash with paradiscal coastlines, buzzing cities and welcoming locals, has a talent for changing how westerners see the world. Thailand (aka the land of smiles) is brimming with tropical beaches and fascinating ancient history. Its strength not only lies with its enchanting buddhist temples, or rides through raucous streets in the back of a tuk tuk (Thai motorbike taxi), but also in its ability of balancing the outrageously tacky with the divinely spiritual. Its pioneering culinary scene, be it in bustling markets or outrageously swanky fine dining outfits, has ensured its popularity with backpackers and luxury travellers alike.

Our tours take you from the bustling commercial hub of Bangkok to the heart of picturesque Luang Prabang in Laos. Venture on to Cambodia for a journey back in time to the Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Siem Reap, and experience the poignant history of Phnom Penh. Cut across the border into Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to walk round architecture draped in tales of the ancients. After the brash metropolis of Hanoi,  bring your adventure to a close with an overnight cruise on the turquoise waters of the stunning Ha Long Bay.

Short on time but want to see the world? Our expertly crafted multi centre holidays might just be the answer.

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