Don’t you know what to see in Kathmandu? Meet the Nepal

Chaos, culture, temples, pollution … These are some of the words that come to mind when you think of Kathmandu. The capital of Nepal is much smaller than the others of the Asian capitals. However, the organized chaos that you see in any other city of this continent, you will find there. Normally travelers arrive in Kathmandu as the first step to climb Everest. The highest mountain in the world is the dream of every climber, who will recharge energy in this city before undertaking the climb. In this chaotic city, you will have much to know Are you ready to visit it? Some of the must-see places are on this list of things of what to see in Kathmandu.

What you should know before traveling to Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, a small country in the Himalayas. Nepal separates the two largest countries in Asia: India and China. The population of Kathmandu is a little over one million inhabitants. It is a city at 1317 meters above sea level.

Kathmandu is renowned for its temples; palaces and many places declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Nepal has become a destination appreciated by many thanks to the hippie movement. From the 60s many travelers began to look at this country full of culture, religion and adventure.

Now that you know a little more about the city, we invite you to see these unmissable things on your list of what to see in Kathmandu.

The famous Durbar squares

It is the most known and visited place in Kathmandu, Durbar means place of palaces. In this place, besides being the residence of the kings, it is the center of great events and coronations. Unfortunately, it was one of the areas most devastated by the earthquake that occurred in 2015.

In this place there were about 50 temples, many of them were reduced to rubble, even so, it continues to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Walk through the alleys of the Thamel neighborhood

This is the most touristic district of Kathmandu, getting lost in its alleys is one of the things to see in Kathmandu because here you will know a lot about the true Nepalese culture. This is a place loved by backpackers because you could find low cost accommodation there.

This, like many of the Asian cities, gives off unique energy that vibrates with its chaos. This neighborhood is one of the places to witness it.

Monkey Temple – Swayambhu

There are many things that come together to make this one of the best places on the list of what to see in Kathmandu. Everything starts with a very good climb, a walk by 365 steps. It is very famous for the beautiful view you get from this place. Sunset is the best time to visit it. It is a Buddhist temple and, as the name implies, is always visited by many monkeys, who are considered sacred here.

You cannot miss the spectacular views of this place or know one of the most visited sites in Nepal. Do you dare to go up here? A little exercise would not hurt anyone.

Park of the three Buddhas

In the district of Swayambhu, on your way to the monkeys’ temple, you can see on the road three sculptures that are worth photographing yourself and take home a nice souvenir from Nepal. Known as the Buddha Amideva Park, it is a small place where you can find three Buddha statues. One of which is the largest in Nepal.

Make sure you take a good photo or keep in your memory the three buddhas.

Stupa Boudhanath

Welcome to the biggest stupa in Asia. If you like Tibetan culture and are passionate or intrigued by the Buddhist world, this is one of the places that will fascinate you. Buddhist monks, prayer, pilgrims. A real must for your list of what to see in Kathmandu.

Know much more about the Tibetan culture and also fall in love with its cuisine, this is a place where there is an abundance of Tibetan food, which undoubtedly you should try.

Still do not know what to see in Kathmandu

An exotic place to visit, an economical place with a lot to explore. Like all Asian countries, Nepal is characterized by having very friendly people that will always make you feel good. You will feel welcome and grateful to know places full of magic like this one. We invite you that in addition to the places that we have taught you in this article, you are interested in knowing its people, its culture, its way of life. There is no greater wealth for a country than its people and there is no better experience for a traveler than living and being part of the culture of a place. Do you dare to travel to Kathmandu? Nepal opens the doors for you.

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