Discover what are the weirdest museums in the world

the weirdest museums in the world

Many are the museums known for everyone, especially for artworks by famous artists characterized by their beauty. However, there are museums for all tastes. And, therefore, we compile in this article the weirdest museums in the world so that you have the best cultural trips.

Museum of Broken Relationships. Full of objects of those who decided to forget the pain.

In Zagreb, Croatia, love failure has become conceptual art. The Museum of Broken Relationships may be one of the strangest and most attractive places in the world. The capital and most important city of Croatia shows an exhibition dedicated to unfinished romances and failed affairs.

As part of this cathartic process, a collection of objects donated by injured people was formed, who were in the healing process. This museum is full of objects from those who decided to part with what reminded them of that fatal part of their life.

It can be thought of as a sad and depressing place. But it was created as a door to hope and reconciliation with oneself. Such has been the success of this exhibition that it has an itinerant compilation that has reached all points of the world.

The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA), in charge of showing the world the worst art.

In Boston, Massachusetts, the museum is listed as a song to subjectivism. This is the museum of bad art, in charge of bringing the worst art to the great audience. Being this one of the rarest museums in the world.

The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) was founded in 1993 and was initially established in the basement of a private house in Boston. However, this space quickly became small and the collection was located in a 1912 cinema-theater.

Dedicated to the “collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.” The museum only accepts interesting and compelling works of art. Among which stand out the “poor traits” understood as poor traits, and “blue people”, where you will only see blue everywhere.

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) has “strict standards”. Also, they continually look for offers that come from potential donors from around the world and, along with their equipment, track flea markets, second-hand stores and even through the garbage in search of flashy pieces worthy of MOBA. The museum’s popularity is such that even garbage collection companies have contacted the institution to warn of spectacularly bad discoveries.

The Mummy Museum, a collection of natural mummies. One of the weirdest museums in the world.

Located in the small mining town of Guanajuato (Mexico), declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hundreds of bodies were buried in the crypts of the Pantheon de Santa Paula in the mid-19th century.

The mummified bodies come from the Santa Paula pantheon. The Museum of the Mummies of Guanajuato has a collection of 117 relics is the largest collection of natural mummies in the world of women, men and children whose remains were exhumed between 1865 and 1869.

At that time, families had to pay a tax imposed by the municipal government to bury their deceased. If they did not, the bodies were exhumed. And that was how, in one of those exhumations, it was discovered that the bodies were mummified by a natural process probably due to the unique climatic factors of the region.

His macabre corpses are exhibited since the early seventies in this museum that is visited every year by hundreds of thousands of people. In the beginning, visits to the catacombs of the Pantheon of Santa Paula to observe the mummified bodies were carried out clandestinely.

Today, they have a large influx of tourism from all over the world attracted by a museum, which, while not unique in the world, has the peculiarity of having a collection of natural mummies, that is, that the bodies do not They have been embalmed to be preserved.

The hair museum, something that started as a souvenir.

The hair museum in the beautiful Cappadocia began by a potter who asked a friend to split a memory. She cut a strand that he kept. This is how the beautiful tradition that women continue who will cut a piece of their hair and give it to this man to increase his collection began. It is said that there are 16,000 scalps of all kinds per day and the number increases day by day.

Hair Museum is owned by Chez Galip, a celebrated master potter who has a workshop in the town and is now also a Guinness record for his museum. The collection is located in a cave where the walls can barely be recognized because they are populated with tufts of hair from thousands of women who are not anonymous, but who are perfectly identified with their names and addresses.

30 years ago, every woman who passed by and listened to the story, left her corresponding strand of hair and with this “symbolic” act, Chez got strands of different women from all over the world. That is one of the weirdest museums in the world, right?

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