Best Black Friday travel deals 2021

black friday travel deals 2021

A date on the calendar is fast approaching for those who enjoy online shopping and taking advantage of the best discounts on their Christmas gifts. We present you with our best-ever Black Friday travel deals 2021. Set your reminders so you don’t miss out on the chance to save on the trip of your dreams!

black friday travel deals 2021

Where did Black Friday come from, and what is it?

Let’s start with a little history. Black Friday is the day that marks the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas. On the occasion of this celebration, both retailers and online shops offer significant discounts on some of their items. The purpose is to encourage purchases before the busy month of December.

When is Black Friday?

It is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, which is the fourth Thursday of November. This year, it is Black Friday 2021 on November 26th. It originated in the USA and there are 2 theories about its creation.

Apparently, the day after this celebration, that is, the Friday of the fourth week of November, the traffic of vehicles and people in Philadelphia reached such a density that it crammed the streets. Police officers who were in charge of regulating traffic began to coin it as Black Friday around 1961. In 1966 it reached some popularity, but it was in 1975 that it spread to the rest of the states.

Another theory regarding the name of this day is about business accounts, which at the beginning of the Christmas season went from the red to the black numbers with the increase in sales.

Although it is not a holiday, many companies consider it as such. By giving their staff the day off, the total number of potential buyers multiplies. Consequently, the sales figures increase significantly! Since 2005,  Black Friday is always the day of the year with the highest sales volume, not only in retail companies but in all kinds of sectors, including tourism, where Black Friday travel deals incentivize customers to book their vacations for the next year.

In addition, to take advantage of the shopping craze, the following Monday has been dubbed Cyber Monday, another occasion to enjoy great discounts.

How to celebrate Black Friday 2021

What better way to celebrate Black Friday 2021 than by planning your dream vacation! Be the first to enjoy our Black Friday travel deals by subscribing to our newsletter on our website. With this, you’ll receive all the information regarding our Black Friday promotion and keep up to date on our newest trips and destinations.

Black Friday travel deals at Exoticca

You can enjoy our best-ever discounts from the 1st of November, giving you a whole month of Black Friday savings!

All our discounts will be applied automatically at checkout, so all you need to do is choose your dream destination and travel dates.

Get ready to explore our exciting range of Black Friday travel deals… coming November 1st 2021!

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