Best travel songs that you need to add to your travel play list

best travel songs

There are songs that always go with us. The essentials of our personal playlist. In this article, we propose some more that you should add to your original soundtrack. These are, by all means, the best travel songs ever. And remember, music is so important that it may change the color of your trip.

Destinations that require special music

Have you ever thought about doing Route 66? If you’ve had thoughts, we bet it would not occur to you to drive it listening to romantic ballads playlist. The road trips ask for a bit of Folk, a few drops of Country and a lot of classic Rock. Those would be the styles to chose your best travel songs from.

If you are going to discover everything that Peru has for you, why not do it in the company of the ocarina. Even Simon & Garfunkle surrendered to the Peruvian sound in her fantastic El Condor Pasa (If I Could). The same thing happens with countries like Argentina, which would not be the same without a good dose of tango.
But today we will leave you with four songs of different eras and styles that will help you to disconnect as soon as you close your front door. Add them to your playlist and guarantee that you will have a few minutes of intense connection with your inner traveler.

Best travel songs ever

1.- Steppenwolf, ‘Born To Be Wild’

There is no other way to start a list of the best travel songs. Born to be wild is the ideal song to travel, not in vain it begins with this stanza:

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah Darlin’ go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space

This is a 1968 rock song with which the kilometers you travel on the road will be shorter. Chosen as the soundtrack of the movie ‘Easy Rider’, it is considered the beginning of the heavy metal style. This song invites you to speed up and make a wild escape. We rather recommend paying attention to the traffic regulations, though.

2.- Bon Jovi, ‘It’s my life’

A more recent classic makes number two in our list of best travel songs. It is one of the most recognizable songs by Bon Jovi. It exhorts us to live our life as we please. Treat yourself to the trip you’ve been planning for so long and sing loudly with this Millenium song. The song hit the radio after five years of silence. Composed by Richie Sambora, Max Martin and Jon Bon Jovi himself. It has become a hymn of self-respect and disregard for other people’s opinions.

3.- Undrop, ‘Train’

We are sure that this trip will not become the last train that you will climb in life, but as the song says:

There is a train, it’s leaving today (yeah)
It’s leaving today and I’m gonna get on it
There is a train so don’t let it pass without you
Don’t let it leave without you, just get on it
There is a train that leaves tomorrow
And we’re gonna get on it
There is a train, common let’s hurry
Let’s get on it… there is a train


No doubt one of the best travel songs that talks about freedom and taking chances. Can you imagine yourself at the wheel of your car singing this song loudly? And did you know that it became famous thanks to being the soundtrack of an ad of a well-known advertising brand back in 1998? This first single of the Spanish Swedish band was number 1 of the list of the Top 40 in that same year and accompanied a generation of young people who identified this song with the freedom of youth.

4.- Lenny Kravitz, ‘Fly away’

Let’s fly and escape reality, as Lenny proposes. We do it by enjoying every single trip, every stop, every cafe, the calls and the memories of the past. Are you traveling with friends? Perfect moment to relive old anecdotes that make you laugh so much. Are you traveling with a partner? Enjoy his company. You travel alone? Relax and do things to your own pace. And do it to the beat of ‘Fly Away’, a song that not only won a Grammy in 2009 but also was part of prestigious lists such as the ‘Modern Rock Tracks’ or ‘Mainstream’ Rock’.

5.- The Pretenders, ‘Middle Of The Road’

Let’s go back to the 80s to meet the last of our best travel songs.  This one began to be heard in 1984 and it reaches and kept number one on the American rock charts for a whole month. Later on, the band donated it to an album for Greenpeace.

How about your favorite best travel songs? Is any of them on our list? Have you considered listening to Japan idol groups? You might find a random concert if you travel to Japan! Keep reading our travel tips and make the most of each destination.

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