When is the best time to visit Slovenia

To figure out when is the best time to travel to Slovenia, first you need to know about the country’s climate. Depending on the region, the climate can be continental, high mountain or Mediterranean. Therefore, depending on which part of Slovenia you want to visit, the time for it will vary.

When to travel to Slovenia

Given the geographic location and its terrain, in Slovenia’s interior, you will find an Alpine climate, whilst in the more coastal area the weather is quite a lot milder, becoming Mediterranean. A third climate makes an appearance in the plains of the northeast of the country: the continental climate.  All of this climatic variety has an influence when it comes to travelling to Slovenia.

The average temperatures vary greatly depending on the region you are in, as an annual average for example, July has an average temperature of 20º, January on the other hand is 0º. However, broadly speaking, we can conclude that the best time to travel to Slovenia is in spring and summer.

In summer, between June and August, the temperatures are warm and there is hardly any rain, but it coincides with the high season for tourism.  In spring and autumn, there are still sunny days and good temperatures, and it is the mid tourist season, so the prices decrease. Winter, between November and March, is perfect if you are going skiing, it also coincides with the low tourist season.

But, since we want to better highlight when to travel to Slovenia depending on the place you want to visit, we have produced a summary so that you have all of the information.

When to travel to Slovenia to visit Ljubljana 

To visit this beautiful Slovenian city, you should know that it has an oceanic climate, which means it rains nearly all year round. The months with most rain are September and October; the driest months are from January to April.

The average temperature in Ljubljana is 10ºC, reaching -28ºC between October and May. The summers, however, are quite warm, the thermometer can reach 40ºC in August.  Bearing all of this in mind, the best time to travel to Slovenia and visit beautiful Ljubljana is spring, between April and May.

When to travel to Slovenia to visit Piran

If you want to include the coastal city of Piran in your trip, the best months for this are between May and October. The weather is warm and pleasant, with average temperatures of 25ºC, reaching 29ºC in July. In winter, the thermometer will show an average of 7ºC, especially in January, the coldest month.

However, it must be said that in Piran there are two climates: oceanic and continental, with rains all year round, which decrease in summer and increase in autumn. The months with the most rain are September and November.

When to travel to Slovenia to visit Bovec

For those that don’t known when to visit Slovenia to visit Bovec, we would say that the best months are in summer. However, you need to be aware that July and September are among the rainiest months (May, June, July, September and November).

During winter, from November to March, the climate is quite adverse, the thermometer reads between 0ºC and 7ºC. In spring, April and part of May, the temperatures are pleasant, around 15ºC. But it is summer, from June to August when the weather is fantastic for visiting this part of the country.

When to travel to Slovenia and visit Maribor

If your trip includes this city located in the northeast of the country, close to the border with Austria, the best months to visit are April, August and September. From November to March, the temperatures range between 5ºC and 10ºC. From April until June, the thermometer reaches 19ºC so it would be a good time to visit the city.

In October, the temperature continues to be good, around 25ºC but there are heavy rains. For this reason, we can conclude that the best time to travel to Slovenia and visit Maribor is April, August and September.

When to travel to Slovenia and visit Kranjska Gora 

To travel to this village located in the northwest of Slovenia and be able to enjoy its wonderful lakes and mountains, avoid winter. During these months it will be full of snow and ice, so the cold will be quite intense.

The average annual temperature is between -10ºC and 20ºC, July and August being the best months to visit this pretty enclave.  From the end of May until the beginning of September would also be a good time to travel to this beautiful high-mountain village.

With all of this, you just need to plan your months, choosing the best time to travel to Slovenia. This country will surprise you in every corner, make sure you visit!