When is the best time to visit Myanmar

Myanmar map

The Burmese climate is typical of South East Asia, so the best time to travel to Myanmar is between December and March. You can also travel there in April and May, but you will have to endure truly suffocating heat.  

When to travel to Myanmar

Before telling you the best time to travel to Myanmar by region, we are going to clarify when you should not travel there. The worst months to visit this country are during the rainy season which takes place throughout May to October. Despite this, due to their holiday schedules, many tourists visit the country in July and August.

During spring, which is April and May, the climate is very hot, for which reason travel at this time is not recommended. Therefore, we could say that if you are unsure about when to travel to Myanmar, it is best to choose the winter time, that is, between December and March. Nonetheless, let’s take a region by region look at the best times to travel to this country.

Northern Myanmar

best time to visit Myanmar

If you are going to visit the northern region of the country, do this between November and May, and avoid the months between June and October because of the torrential rains. If travelling to the mountains of Myanmar, March, April and May are the perfect time as there is less heat and there is no rain.

Eastern Myanmar

Following a clockwise route, you can discover the eastern part of the country from November to February. Travelling during these months you will not only avoid the rains, but also the heat of the Burmese summer. Places such as the Inle Lake, Kalaw or Kentung are located in this geographical region of Myanmar.

South-eastern Myanmar

To visit the beaches and the archipelagos, the best time to travel to Myanmar is also the winter time. The months of November, December, January and February will provide a pleasant climate without the rains and excessive heat.

Western Myanmar

best time to travel to Myanmar

Once again, the dry season is the best time to travel to this part of Myanmar, so choose the months of November through to February. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the country and is where many ethnicities are concentrated and where the marvellous city of Mrauk U is located.

Central Myanmar

The months from June to February are the best months to visit Mandalay, Bagan, and the Shan mountains, which are situated in central Myanmar. Avoid March, April and May because of the excessive heat, as it will spoil your trip. This way, you will be able to take excursions by bicycle, stroll, go trekking, and immerse yourself in the local history in comfort.

Now, when should you travel to Myanmar to avoid the tourist season? Well, to reply to this question you need to keep in mind that the high tourist season coincides with the dry season.

Tourist season in Myanmar

tourist season in Myanmar

January and February are the months with the highest number of tourists, particularly Spanish speakers. Nonetheless, July and August are also high season, as this is when the majority of European tourists visit. If you avoid these months, as well as the months of the rainy season (from May to October), you are left with December and March. Remember that April in Myanmar is extremely hot.  

Having said that, if you want to get real bargain prices for the flights and hotels, choose the low tourist season. This is the best time to travel to Myanmar if you want to do it on a budget, but this would be during the months of May, June, October and November which is the wet season.

Travelling in the rainy season may spoil many of your visits and excursions. Although, it doesn’t rain all day, so you may be lucky and you may be able to take advantage of dry spells and, save yourself a great deal of money at the same time.

In summary, keeping the climate and the tourism season in mind, we could say that the best time to travel to Myanmar is December and March. If you can plan your journey during any of these months, you won’t regret it, as you will find good prices and a good climate.

The climate in Myanmar

Myanmar has three seasons: the hot season, the rainy season and the cold season. The hot season, or Burmese summer, lasts from the end of February to the end of May. The average temperature tends to be above 35 degrees centigrade, particularly in the central part of the country.

Furthermore, the rainy, or humid, season lasts from June to October and has a higher rainfall due to the monsoons. The average temperature fluctuates between 27 and 29 degrees centigrade.

Keeping all the above in mind, you can now decide when to travel to Myanmar to enjoy all the marvels that this country has to offer you.

Lastly, during the cold season there is less rainfall, and this takes place from mid-October to the end of February. The temperature is more pleasant and there is less rainfall throughout the whole country. This season takes place during the months of November, December and January.