When is the best time to visit Morocco

If you’ve not yet decided when to travel to Morocco, you should know that the best times are spring and autumn. In summer it is extremely hot, so it is better to visit this exotic country in other, cooler months.

The Best Time to Travel to Morocco

It could be said that the best time to visit Morocco is between March and May, so during the spring. At this time, the weather is pleasant both in the mountains and on the coast; it shouldn’t rain nor be too hot.

Another ideal time to visit is in Autumn, between October and December, months with good weather and less tourists. December is not particularly cold, so it is still a good time to travel to this country.

However, Morocco’s climate varies depending on the region. In the north, it has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and humid winters with some rain. On the west coast, however, winters have more rain and summers are milder.

As for the deserts, summer, particularly August, is very hot during the day and cold at night. In this part of Morocco, there are dry winds called Chergui and Arifi, which considerably raise temperatures. In this part of the country, temperatures can easily reach 40ºC.

During the winter, you will find snow in the Middle and High Atlas Mountains, so if you want to do any mountain sports, this would be the perfect time to visit this part of the country.

However, temperatures vary depending on the city, with Agadir being the coolest and Tangier being the warmest. So, let’s have a look at the best times to travel to Morocco depending on the destination.

When to Travel to Tangier

The best time to visit this city in the north of Morocco is during the spring. At this time, it doesn’t rain, and temperatures are quite pleasant; warm during the day and cooler at night.

If you visit the city in winter, you should expect rain, as it is situated in the north of the country where rain is more common. In summer, on the other hand, the heat is extremely intense, so it is best to avoid these months to make the most of your trip.

When to Travel to Casablanca

Autumn would be the best time to visit Casablanca, as between October and December the temperature is ideal for wandering through the city. If you cannot organise your trip in the autumn, choose spring as opposed to summer to avoid excessive heat.

The temperatures in this city in autumn are on average 16ºC, while in spring they are around 19ºC. In summer the maximum temperatures are in the month of August at 27ºC, which though it does not sound very hot, it feels quite a lot hotter.

When to Travel to Marrakesh

Again, spring is the best time to visit this part of Morocco, because the middle of the country the temperature is milder. In the autumn, the weather in Marrakesh is unstable, so if you want to ensure a pleasant trip, it is better to choose March to May.

In the summer, here temperatures rise to 40ºC, so if you do not like it very hot, it is better not to travel to this part of Morocco between June and August. Marrakesh is in the middle, so it would not be a good idea to visit during the summer months.

When to Travel to Agadir

The weather in Agadir is quite pleasant almost all year round. The winters are fairly mild and sunny, so you can bathe in the sea even in December and January. The summers are warmer, but the sea breeze keeps temperatures at much more bearable levels than in the middle of the country.

To sum up, you can travel to Agadir throughout the year, but if you want to avoid the hottest time, do not to visit this city of Morocco between June and September.

When to Travel to Meknes

If your trip includes this city in northern Morocco, spring is the best time to visit. However, in Meknes there is both a Mediterranean and continental climate. This means that during the summer it is fairly hot, with an average of 38ºC, while in winter it is quite cold.

In winter in Meknes, the average temperature is around 2ºC to 7ºC, and the rain falls mostly in autumn and winter. Therefore, if you do not want it to be too hot or too cold, the best time to visit Meknes is spring.

Now you know when to travel to Morocco, all you need to do is pack your bags.