When is the best time to visit Japan

It is very easy to decide when to travel to Japan, as you can visit it throughout the year. A country with so much to offer and so many varieties of landscapes is good to travel to at any time.

Best time to travel to Japan

Apart from the fact that travelling to Japan should be done whenever possible, at the climate level, it could be said that the best time is during spring and autumn. The rest of the year, you can also travel to Japan, but there are certain peculiarities which you must take into account.

If you do not know when to travel to Japan and decide to do it in summer, all you need to know is that temperatures will be quite high. In places like Tokyo and Kyoto, which are surely part of your trip, the heat will be quite intense. Besides the heat, it is the time of the typhoons, with which some torrential rain could fall during the trip. The advantage of travelling to Japan in summer, on the other hand, is that you can attend hundreds of festivals or matsuris.

And winter, is it a good time to travel to Japan? If you don’t fear the cold, winter can also be a good time to visit the country. You will have the advantage of travelling in the low season, so you will find many more affordable prices throughout Japan. You can enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes and have the main tourist attractions to yourself. And if you want a little warmth you can travel to Okinawa in the south of the country.

Now, spring is undoubtedly the best time to travel to Japan. Not only will you have good temperatures, but also if you make your trip coincide with the hanami or the cherry blossoms, it will be an experience which you will always remember.

For its part, autumn is also a good time to discover the main Japanese cities, as well as delight in the reddish tones of the trees and forests of the country. The advantage of autumn is that there are not yet too many tourists, so you can enjoy all the splendour of Japan with more tranquility.

Let’s see, however, when to travel to Japan to visit the main sites of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

When to travel to Kyoto

Kyoto is undoubtedly one of the most-visited places in Japan; the beauty of its temples and shrines attracts millions of visitors almost uninterruptedly. For this reason, you can’t avoid travelling to this place in Japan, because you would lose the essence of the country.

You should know that the climate of Kyoto is affected by both the altitude and the monsoons. This means that, during the winter, you will find snow and quite low temperatures. In summer, besides being very hot, you will find strong tropical rains. Therefore, the best time to travel to Kyoto is during spring and autumn.

When to travel to Tokyo

Another of the emblematic cities of Japan is Tokyo, the city of the future, with its impressive skyscrapers and its cutting-edge technology. But also, with temples and shrines whose tradition coexists in perfect harmony with the new trends of Japanese society.

To visit Tokyo choose the spring months, that is, from the end of March until the end of May, and also during the autumn, from September to November. Here it is also convenient to avoid summer to escape high temperatures, as well as typhoons. Preferably choose the months of April, May and October to discover Tokyo.

When to travel to Miyajima

If you want to include the famous Ootorii Gate, on your trip to Japan, you must visit this magical Japanese island. Declared a World Heritage Site, it is a place which you cannot ignore during your visit to this Asian country.

Choose autumn and spring especially to visit this area of Japan. Winter may not give you the best scenery to photograph, besides making you cold. Summer, on the other hand, will make you sweat like never before and you may be trapped in your hotel by a typhoon alarm. Therefore, if you can plan your trip in spring and autumn, all the better.

When to travel to Nara

To travel to Nara, and visit its temples and gardens, contemplate the Great Buddha of Nara and feel all the magic of the ancient capital of Japan, avoid summer, especially July and August. April, May, September and October are the best months to visit this city.

January and February are the coldest months, with average temperatures of 1ºC, and plenty of rain, especially in February. In April, the weather begins to improve, but it is in May that the average temperature is 21ºC. In September and October, the temperature is also around 22ºC.

As you can see, spring and summer are the best months to travel to Japan.