When is the best time to visit Switzerland

Switzerland is in central Europe, but its climate can be quite surprising. So, if you are deciding when to travel to Switzerland, read carefully. Although you can visit Geneva at any time, the lake area is best enjoyed in spring. Of course, the country is home to great ski resorts so… Let’s discover the best time to visit depending on the activities you have planned.mejor época para viajar a Suiza

When to travel to Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to crystal clear lakes and beautiful spring flora, but also snow-covered ski slopes. Since the 19th century, the Swiss Alps have been the preferred destination for winter sports athletes of all levels. The best months to visit the famous ski resorts of Zermatt are December, January and February. Ideal, whether you’re into skiing or simply want to experience the glamour of an upmarket winter wonderland!

What is the best time to travel to Switzerland and go shopping in Zurich?

Zurich is one of the best known and most visited cities in Switzerland. Travellers can go clothes shopping in the city’s boutiques, enjoy the best quality of life in Europe and celebrate the urban renewal that has become the hallmark of the city. Now, when to travel to Switzerland and visit Zurich? The best time is probably at the end of August, when the Street Parade is celebrated, a massive and joyful party that brings together locals and visitors alike.

When to travel to Switzerland for outdoors excursions

Zurich is the perfect destination for the most cosmopolitan, but lovers of travel and nature can enjoy magnificent excursions in the Swiss National Park between the months of May and August. Streams, towering trees and charming wildlife are the appeals of hiking in this area. If you are looking for country walks and spectacular views, Lake Lugano should be your destination. It is very close to Italy and here you will see a surprising side to Switzerland. Summer is the best time to travel to Switzerland to discover its pastel-coloured villages and palm-fringed promenades. Undoubtedly, an amazing landscape.

The harvest season and Lake Geneva. A good combination?

Travelers with a keen interest in wine know the best time to travel to Switzerland is during the harvest season, usually between July and October! This is the perfect time for visiting Lake Geneva and the vineyards that surround its shores in the Lavaux region. On the other hand, the best way to enjoy activities on the lake is from the city of Geneva. Here you can go stand-up paddleboarding, take a walk through the old town or soak up the breathtaking views of Mont Blanc.

When is the best time to travel to Bern

Bern, the country’s capital, is an amazing place to visit. It is a European city with a medieval flair, with floors cobblestoned streets, full of shopping arcades, and church spires with antique clockfaces. Travel to Bern at Christmas to experience its enchanting festive atmosphere!

When to travel to Switzerland and see the Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is the subject of many photographs, but none of them can do justice to what you’ll see if you visit yourself. Poets such as Lord Byron or Goethe all attempted to capture this natural wonder in words. Travel in early spring and you’ll experience the deafening sound of meltwater. To get there can take the panoramic elevator at Schloss Laufen, a small medieval village just 45 minutes from Zurich.

The best time of the year to hike the Aletsch Glacier

You may be surprised to learn that Switzerland is a land of glaciers. The Aletsch is a five-lane-wide highway of glacier ice, running for 23 km between towering mountain peaks. Its ice is a vibrant blue and it reaches a maximum depth of 900 meters. It is best to visit the glacier with a guide who will show you how and where to approach the icy crevasses. But walking is not all that can be done near the glacier. Above its location are the Bettmeralp ski slopes, a great option if you travel to Switzerland in winter.

So, now you know when to travel to Switzerland, all you have to do is book your trip!

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