When is the best time to visit Hungary

To decide when to travel to Hungary you should know that the winters are very cold, that it rains more or less regularly throughout the year and that the summers are hot, but also the time when most tourists visit. Hungary is a country where you will find all kinds of activities: from caving to luxurious spas, wine tourism and castle visits. When to travel to Hungary may depend on the type of vacation you prefer.mejor época para viajar a Hungría

When to travel to Hungary for wine tourism

If you are going to travel to this beautiful country with the intention of doing a gastronomic or wine route, you are in luck. The Sopron and Somlo regions are known for their exceptional wines. If red wines are your preference, in the Villant-Skilos area you will find the best in the country. Hungary is also known for its beers, which go great with traditional Hungarian goulash. The best months to enjoy Hungarian food and wines are spring and autumn.

When to travel to Hungary to discover its nature

The landscapes of Hungary are an inexhaustible source of surprises. If you are wondering when to travel to Hungary to spend a vacation in contact with nature, the months of May, June, September and October are the best. In this season of pleasant weather, you can discover the country on horseback or go hiking in the Matra mountains. Hortobágy National Park is another good option for outdoor walks. If you are going to travel in winter but do not want to give up some physical activity, we recommend caving. Underground, the climate is practically unalterable and Budapest is the city with the most caves in Europe. If you really want to go deep underground, the Palvolgyi Cave is more than 18 km long. For the less adventurous, the Szemlohegyi Cave is another option.

When to travel to Hungary to attend music festivals

Summer is the time that brings the most visitors to Hungary for many reasons. The climate is drier and warmer and you can enjoy water sports at Lake Balaton. But the strong point of Hungary during the months of July and August is its various music festivals. Since 2016, the Sziget Festival has been held from August 5 to 11, featuring musicians such as Richard Ashcroft, P.J. Harvey or Liam Gallager. Debrecen is a beautiful Hungarian town that is teeming with street festivals in summer. A possibility for those looking for a lively holiday experience. In Debrecen, you can discover how the locals have fun and you will get to know the Hungarian culture in some depth.

When to travel to Hungary and explore its castles

Hungary is a country with a heritage that combines medieval European influence with Turkish traditions. A multitude of castles can be found in the most important cities in the country. Don’t miss Buda castle in the autumn. Its cone-shaped roofs, battlements and balustrades make it a clone of the mythical English school of magic and sorcery where Harry Potter, the most famous modern wizard, studied. If you prefer history to fiction, autumn and spring are the ideal times to visit Godollo Castle, the former residence of Empress Sissí. To enjoy an authentic medieval festival, choose Diosgyior.

When to travel to Budapest

If you only have two or three days and want to fully experience Hungary, choose a trip to Budapest. During the summer you will find a lot of company and during the winter the temperatures are low and there are few hours of daylight. Autumn and spring are the best times to visit the city. Here you will find classic Hungarian baths. The most filmed spa in the history of cinema and television is the magnificent Gellert Spa, with its majestic columns. You can try them both in winter.

For the summer there are the open-air baths of Szechenyi, the most popular in the city. The Central Market is the area where you can have a delicious gyro and a couple of Hungarian beers. But if you prefer gourmet meals, we recommend Vaci Street, where you can taste the best cuisine in the country and its rich wines. Again, autumn and spring are the best seasons for a romantic Danube cruise.

As you can see, Hungary has a lot to offer to any type of traveller. Plan a trip to Hungary today!