Discover Bali Off The Beaten Track

You might be familiar with Bali from movies such as Eat, Pray, Love and travel blogs, which feature the island on an almost daily basis. Bali has become the Asian Ibiza in some parts and is a well-known party hotspot. However, the island has so much more to offer. Let us help you to discover Bali.

Discover Bali through its food scene

Bali has some fantastic options for eating out and the cuisine varies from place to place. Many locals eat at warungs, which are tiny restaurants (or even kiosks) serving a selection of home-cooked dishes. Some warungs are better than others, but the general rule is that it should look clean. You can eat here for less than one euro and the food is likely to be delicious, traditional and not mass-produced in the slightest. Try nasi goreng or capcay (fried rice and stir-fried vegetables).

Banyan trees

In the north of the island is an enormous 85-meter high banyan tree. The roots are what makes the tree particularly impressive and distinguishable. If you want to discover a true vision of Bali, then take a trip to Gesing. The banyan tree there is believed to be over 700 years old. Balinese people believe that the banyan tree is sacred and are inhabited by spirits and demons. You have to be particularly careful which one will greet you!

Pura Dalem Jagaraga

This is one of the most stunning temples on Bali. The temple itself, in the north of Bali, is covered with some particularly interesting stone carvings. You can discover Bali by tracing the history of the carvings. They depict Dutch colonialism, local mythology and the history of the island. Curiously, the carvings show airplanes crashing into the sea and cars being driven. Considering how old the temple is, it remains unexplained as to the true significance of the carvings.

Gunung Kawi

This is another temple that you must see if you want to discover Bali. It is actually the oldest on the island and is the final resting place of the royal family. Again, the temple has some interesting sculptures which adorn the exterior walls. It is believed that these statues were carved by a member of the royal family himself. This makes the temple particularly sacred and important to the Balinese.

Atlas Pearl Farm

This may not sound like the typical thing to do when you discover Bali, but actually, it is worth a trip. In the pearl farm itself, you can participate in presentations about how the pearls are manufactured. Guides will talk you through the process, from harvesting to valuation. You also have the opportunity to buy something nice for yourself. The best part about visiting the pearl farm is that you can see the farmers at work in their boats. This gives you a real glimpse into the local culture.

Discover Canggu, a laid-back surf town

Anyone who is visiting the island and who truly wants to discover Bali should visit Canggu. This village is one of the typical coastal towns that attract surfers, backpackers and holidaymakers alike. The reason why is because of its wonderful food culture and relaxed atmosphere. You can easily get to Batu Bolong beach from here too. This is one of the better beaches in the area and is a must when you travel to Bali.


Many people now recommend Ubud as the place to visit if you want to discover Bali off the beaten track. It is extremely popular with tourists, but there is enough to do that remains original. You can enjoy a herbal walk, with a traditional Balinese healer. They will guide you through what herbs can be used to improve your health. You can also get to enjoy the wonder of Ubud’s countryside. The rice fields of Jatiluwah are also unmissable. If you decide to visit here, try restaurants that are close to the paddies. They often allow you to pick your own vegetables to be cooked and eaten.

Munduk Hill Station

Munduk appears to be from an altogether different time, as it is shrouded in mist. The station itself is surrounded by rice terraces, plus coffee, tea and vanilla plantations. There are plenty of hiking routes here and you can enjoy a stroll around an area that has been largely ignored by tourism. Many of the plantations have hotel resorts and also offer activities, such as horse-riding, trekking or workshops based on their product. It is worth joining in just to get a glimpse of local life and how the world’s favorite beverages are produced.

Bali is a wonderful island and there is more than enough for the intrepid traveler to see and do. From luxury beachside resorts to organized tours, Exoticca can help you plan your trip. So, for more information on luxury vacations to Bali, please visit Exoticca.

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