When is the best time to visit Finland

The best time to travel to Finland is any time that avoids the winter, which happens to be the longest season. The north of the country is covered with snow for six months of the year, and the south for almost four. Temperatures vary from one region to another, but they are generally cool all year round.

When to travel to Finland

Although it may seem easy, deciding when to travel to Finland in search of the best climate can be challenging. In this country, the highest recorded temperature has reached 37ºC in July, while the lowest on record is -52ºC in January. However, in the southwest, the average annual temperatures range from 5ºC to 7ºC, which is the hottest part of the country.

Considering its long winters and extreme climate in the north, we could say that the best time to travel to Finland is between May and early September. July and August are undoubtedly the top months for visiting this icy European country. However, winter is still the most popular tourist season due to the influx of visitors to the north of the country to see the northern lights.

Below, we’ll find out which is the best time to travel to Finland according to the region you choose for your trip. Remember that each region has its own temperature ranges.

The best time to travel to Helsinki

The best time to travel to Finland to visit Helsinki is between May and September. During these months there is little rainfall and a maximum temperature of 26ºC in July. The city, having a continental climate, has hot summers and very cold winters. The average annual temperature is 7ºC, with the hottest months being July and August.

The best time to travel to Turku

The best time to visit Finland’s oldest city is from the end of June to the end of August. Temperatures in this coastal city range from -8°C in winter to 22°C in summer. The warmest months are from June to September, while the coldest are from October to March.

The best time to travel to Tampere

If you want to include Tampere in your trip, you should be aware that the best time to travel to Finland and visit this city is between May and September. January to April average 7ºC, and from October and December the thermometer drops to 2ºC. Rain, on the other hand, can be constant throughout most of the year, even the hottest months.

The best time to travel to Ivalo

The hometown of Santa Claus, which is also the most popular place for tourists to see the Northern Lights, is best visited between June and August. During the rest of the year, temperatures drop to -31ºC. Winters are long and cold in Ivalo, while summers are quite short and still cool. On the other hand, the rain is concentrated between May and October, so even in summer there will be rainfall.

The best time to visit Lapland

To choose the best time to travel to Finland to visit Lapland, you have to consider the reason for your trip. If you’re going there to enjoy the landscapes and lose yourself in nature, the best idea is to travel between May and September, when the temperatures are more pleasant. However, from October to April, in the middle of winter, can also be considered the best time to visit this region, as the charm of the arctic chill is what attracts many travellers.

The best time to travel to Oulu

Another of the most visited cities in Finland is Oulu, where the best months to visit temperature-wise are July and August. January and February are the coldest months, while from July to September there is constant rain. Temperatures in July and August average around 16ºC, while in September the thermometer drops to 9ºC. From December to April, on average the thermometer does not exceed 4°C, so it’s best not to go to Oulu during winter.

The best time to visit Finland’s national parks

The best time to travel to Finland and visit its incredible natural parks, such as Pyhä-Luosto, Koli, Urho Kekkonen, Pallas-Yllästunturi, Lemmenjoki, Nuuksio and Oulanka, among others, is during summer. July and August have the best average temperatures to enjoy the wonders Finnish nature has to offer. Spring is still cold, and autumn isn’t much different to winter, so it’s best to avoid them.

So, with all this information you can figure out the best time to travel to Finland. Choose the month that suits you best, with your preferred route. This Nordic country is waiting to surprise you.