When is the best time to visit Armenia

It is advisable to plan your holiday bearing in mind the best time to travel to Armenia. It is a country of the Caucasus which is quite mountainous so it is worth bearing in mind the weather conditions to avoid nasty surprises.

Best time to travel to Armenia

when is the best time to travel to Armenia

For any trip to be a success, it is always best to organise an itinerary bearing in mind the season you are travelling in and the weather expected during this time. Choosing when to travel to Armenia also depends on individual tastes. Some people don’t mind the cold or can’t put up with the high temperatures and vice versa. For this reason, to feel comfortable during the trip, all of these factors need to be taken into account.

Below, we are going to guide you so you can decide when to travel to Armenia.

Armenia has a continental climate and, except for a few months, it is quite dry, meaning it doesn’t rain much. On the other hand, the winters are long and cold, since Armenia is a very mountainous country and this has a big influence on the climate.  The more you climb during your trip, the lower the temperatures will be. So, when should you travel to Armenia and what is recommended to visit in each season?

Winter in Armenia

The winter months in Armenia are very cold and if your trip includes mountainous areas, the temperatures can drop a lot, so it is essential to take a warm coat. In the months of December, January and February, daytime temperatures will barely exceed zero degrees. At night, it is even colder and temperatures can fall down to ten degrees below zero.

Therefore, in the mountainous regions the weather turns icy and bleak, although there are regions worth considering, such as Debed Canyon with its churches, Sanahin and Haghpat, which are best to visit at another time of year.  The mountainous region is also home to the Tatev Monastery.  To reach the city of Tatev you have to travel along an ascending and winding mountain road to Halidzor. From there, if you want to reach the monastery, you have to go up to the Wings of Tatev which is the longest cable car in the world.  Knowing this information, it’s clear that the best time to travel to Armenia is not in winter. If possible, it’s best to avoid it.

Visiting Armenia in Spring


Spring is usually the best season to travel around Europe in general. It is the time when nature starts to awaken from the harshness of winter and blossom. The days become longer, which is a great advantage when you’re on holiday and want to make the most of the days. At this time of year, people take to the streets after a long winter confinement, and the atmosphere is much more cheerful.

The best days are those of May and June, which is when temperatures increase to 20ºC and 25ºC, varying a little depending on the region, but in all cases it is pleasant for travelling. In spring you will be able to take a trip to the Sevan lake in Noravank or visit Khndzoresk, also called the cave village. It is worth knowing that May is a rainy month in Armenia, but there aren’t usually intense storms that end up ruining the trip too much. So May and June can be the best time to travel to Armenia.

Enjoy the Summer in Armenia

As harsh as the cold is in winter, it’s very hot in summer. For example, we can highlight that, in the Armenian capital, Erevan, temperatures can reach forty degrees in the months of July and August. However, in the mountainous areas, the temperature is lower and bearable.  If you are someone who isn’t too overwhelmed with the heat and you decide to travel to Armenia at this time of year, don’t forget to take a lot of water, a hat and sun protection.

Going to Armenia in Autumn

The month of September is still a little warm but much less than in July and August. In addition, it is quite dry, with hardly any rain that can ruin your holiday or any excursion you might have planned. Temperatures drop a little more in October until they reach 20 degrees in the day, which is a perfect temperature for travelling around the country. The only thing to bear in mind is that there is a lot of rain, more or less like in the month of April. November is a dry month and with decreasing temperatures, gradually moving towards the harsh Armenian winter. If you are able to decide when to travel to Armenia, autumn is the best time.

So, from this review of the seasons, it can be concluded that the best time to travel to Armenia is either in May or September. Although, if your plan is to travel around the country’s mountains, then summer may be the best option. In the event that you can’t travel in the aforementioned months, don’t be discouraged since Armenia is a great country which is worth visiting at any time of year.