When is the best time to visit Guatemala

Guatemala map
The best time to visit Guatemala is during the dry season. Even so, you should be aware that you will be in a hot and humid climate. The best months to visit the country are from December to April, particularly if you are going there during Easter.

When to travel to Guatemala

If the best time to travel to Guatemala is during the dry season, we won’t need to mention that you should avoid the months of May to November. Particularly October and November, as this is when the hurricanes tend to appear in this region. Now, let’s look at each region to find out the best times to travel to Guatemala, and which are the most favourable months to enjoy your journey.

Volcanic region

To explore the volcanoes of Guatemala and fully enjoy the experience, it is best to plan your trip between December and April. During these months you will avoid the rains, you will be able to take marvellous photographs and have a more comfortable visit. Remember not to miss out on Atitlán Lake and its marvellous villages during your visit to the Guatemalan volcanoes.

Regions of Monterrico and the Río Dulce

Rio dulce
The dry season is the best time to travel in order to visit Guatemala with complete calm and to experience first-hand the inhabitants’ peaceful rhythm of life. From December to April is the best time to travel in this part of Guatemala. If you are seeking tranquillity and relaxation, what could be better than to discover the country’s treasures when the weather is good. The alternative would be to spoil the journey, so don’t travel outside the months recommended.

Tikal National Park and its surroundings

Tikal park
If you don’t know when to travel to Guatemala to visit the Tikal National Park, we will reveal the mystery to you. The best months to make this incredible visit are those between December and April. This period coincides with the dry season, so you will be able to explore the ruins when the temperature is ideal. Remember that the area consists of 576 square kilometres of jungle, where many pumas and other protected species live.  This is one of the best places to visit in the whole of Guatemala. But let’s take a better look at what the weather is like in the Guatemalan regions. This way you will be able to plan your journey even better.

The climate in Guatemala by region

The regions situated at low altitudes, like Izabal and Petén, the country’s coastal regions, are hot and humid throughout the year. Other regions which are also hot, but drier, are those located to the east of the country. This is the case for Jutiapa, Zacapa, El Progreso and Chiquimula. In the centre and part of the north of Guatemala, where you can visit Quiché, and Baja and Alta Verapaz, the climate is a little fresher. In Antigua Guatemala, for example, the climate can be colder than in the previously mentioned regions. Although the best places to feel cold are Totonicapán, Huehuetenango and Quetzaltenango. Lastly, keep in mind that Easter is the hottest season, which is ideal for enjoying the country’s beaches. This coincides with the high tourist season, so not only will prices be higher, but it will be harder to find available accommodation. Apart from the above, keep in mind that the best time to travel to Guatemala is also related to the tourist season.

When to travel to Guatemala according to the tourist season

The high season is, of course, from December to April, but it also includes the months of June and July. If you are going to travel at Easter or the New Year, try to reserve your accommodation as early as possible. On the other hand, the mid-season is from October to November, and this is when the hurricanes tend to appear. The advantage of these months is that the rains have not yet arrived, so the temperature is excellent, but you run the risk of a terrible cyclone appearing. The months of May, August and September are low season in Guatemala. This is because it is the rainy season, but prices are considerably lower. If you don’t mind getting wet while you travel, this is the ideal time to find bargains. In summary, we can say that the best time to travel to Guatemala is as follows: The best months to visit Guatemala are January, February, March, April, November and December. In general, the warm months are February, March, April, May, July and August. The wettest months are May, June, August and September. As an exception, the city of Zacapa has the best weather in the whole of Guatemala, because it has a pleasant climate for nine months of the year. Another climatic exception is the Río Dulce, and you can bathe in its waters all year round. Now that you know the best time to travel to Guatemala, pick up your diary and plan your trip. This country will surprise you with its natural beauty, its ancestral culture and the graciousness of its people.