10 must see places in Argentina

We tell you the 10 must-see places in Argentina that you ought not to miss. Whatever it happens. If you travel to the country who gave birth to the Tango, make at least some of the next stops.

1. The Perito Moreno

This huge glacier opens our list of must-see places in Argentina. It is located in the southern sector of  Los Glaciares National Park and it is   30km long, 5km wide and 60km high. The National Park organizes hikes and navigations through this glacier in which you will enjoy amazing landscapes formed by infinite needles of blue ice. El Calafate, a picturesque city located in the middle of the mountains, is the gateway to the park and is 80km from El Perito Moreno.

2. Bariloche

Bariloche is a Mapuche word, and the destination one of the favourites within the country. Which is not surprising considering its magnificent location on the mountains.  Skiers visit it in winter and hikers in the spring and summer season. It lies at the foot of the Lake Nahuel Huapi , and is surrounded by Gutiérrez, Moreno and Mascardi lakes. Many routes depart from this city, like the Circuito Chico, bordering Lake Nahuel Huapi to Panoramic Point.

3. Mendoza

Mendoza   is the   main producer of wine in South America . Through the viaducts that conserve water, its lands, which promised to be desert, host a multitude of vineyards and is ideal for making   tasting route of the different wines   typical of the country. We propose you to carry out these tastings in the population of   Maipú   since the proximity of the wineries will allow you to cover several in the same day. In addition to the tastings, there are numerous   routes through the hill of Aconcagua   with different levels of difficulty, but all of them with spectacular views. You can also know the   Bridge of the Inca   located in an exceptional place.

4. The train to the clouds

The name is not figurative, since this train   It is capable of rising up to 4,200 meters , sustaining itself only on very long pillars and creating the constant sensation of being suspended in the air. The train to the clouds   part of   Salta   and has a tour of   438km ascent that ends at the La Polvorilla Viaduct   crossing the mountains of the   Andes mountains   by means of zigzags, tunnels and bridges, and offering incredible landscapes.

5. Iguazu falls

This is one of the most beautiful must see places in Argentina. Iguazu will enchant your five senses. Sight will enjoy the contemplation of water. The noise produced by the waterfalls and the dew that adheres to the skin are overwhelming sensations that remain in the memory of all those who visit them. On the Argentinian side, you can also climb to the Gomón, a boat that sails at the foot of the falls.

6. Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is a special stop in our must-see places in Argentina for those who enjoy nature.  Sea lions and whales appear here between June and December.  You can even dive with the sea lions. And if you have reached. Once you are here, you can not avoid an excursion to Península Valdés, where you can see orcas, whales, dolphins and Magellanic penguins.

7. A stay in the pampas

One way to enjoy the open spaces of the pampa is through the visit to a typical ranch. Exoticca recommends you Juan Gerónimo, which is part of the World Biosphere Reserve of the Costero Sur Park , about 160km from Buenos Aires. The ranch is surrounded by some  4,000 hectares with lakes and mountains   full of native vegetation and birds. It organizes all kinds of activities, such as horseback riding and fishing.

8 . The Quebrada de Humahuaca

It is located in the   province of   Jujuy   and it was declared   World Heritage by Unesco in 2003 . If you want to see changing colors of mountains, this is one of the must-see places in Argentina. Purmamarca is a small town made of terracotta adobe houses framed by the famous hill of seven colors that is simply spectacular. In the square, there is a church with paintings from Cuzco and every day there is a handicraft market.

9 . Last but not least in our must-see places in Argentina: Valles Calchaquíes

This is an unusual destination among tourists. Despite the fact that it combines impressive mountain landscapes with adobe architecture and traces of colonial history. The highest point is the Abra del Infiernillo: 3042 meters high. In this area, you can visit the ruins of Quilmes, an important prehispanic settlement.

As you can see, Argentina is much more than Buenos Aires, Tango and Glaziers. Trust Exoticca to take you there and make the most of your trip.

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