Interesting facts about Costa Rica

Best places to visit in Central America


It can be difficult to choose the best places to visit in Central America, as the region is home to an array of sights and natural wonders. Central America boasts a great climate and rich biodiversity. This region is situated between Mexico, to the north, and Colombia, to the south....

When is the best time to visit Costa Rica

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If you want to know when to travel to Costa Rica, we will tell you that the country has two different seasons. On the other hand, depending on the reason for your trip, it will be more convenient to travel in certain months. Best time to travel to Costa Rica...

best beaches in Costa Rica

The 15 best beaches in Costa Rica | Welcome to paradise


Costa Rica is a paradise bathed by two oceans. In a few hours by road, you can go from enjoying a beautiful beach in the Pacific, to a tropical wonder in the Caribbean. The natural beauty of the Central American country has made it one of the tourist gems of...

adventure tourism trips

5 Incredible adventure tourism trips you can’t miss


What are adventure tourism trips? Adventure tourism is about trips that include extreme activities, such as risk sports or adventure excursions. Basically, activities that make the adrenaline rise, stimulate all the senses and make you feel strong emotions. If you like strong emotions, or what you are looking for in...

waht to see in Costa Rica

What to do in Costa Rica: from beaches to volcanoes


Costa Rica and Panama have more than their fair share of paradise. From the beaches of Guanacaste to the rainforests and jungles inland, there is so much to see and do in Costa Rica. It is one of the few remaining paradises, where untouched landscapes meet tropical beaches. The terrain...