When is the best time to visit Costa Rica

If you want to know when to travel to Costa Rica, we will tell you that the country has two different seasons. On the other hand, depending on the reason for your trip, it will be more convenient to travel in certain months.

Best time to travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two main seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season runs from December to April, while the rainy season between May and November. Needless to say, if you want to avoid the rains, the best time to visit Costa Rica is during the dry season.

However, if your trip is motivated by the spirit of adventure and you want to see certain animals, such as leatherback turtles or the famous quetzal, April is the right month. The green turtles, on the other hand, will be more visible in August and September. But if you want to enjoy the pure life of this country and its exuberant nature, choose from December to April to make your trip.

Although during the dry season the humidity is less unbearable and there is less rain, in the southern zone of Costa Rica, as well as in the central part of the Pacific coast, it still rains in December and January. Further north, on the other hand, the climate is drier and warmer, reaching 40ºC. If you travel to the Costa Rican coast which faces the Atlantic, you will find a more moderate climate.

During the rainy season, keep in mind that the rains start at noon and continue well into the night. The advantage of travelling during the wet season is that, as it is the low season, you will find better prices, fewer tourists and you can take advantage of sunny mornings. August is, everywhere, the month where it rains least, while in September and October it rains the most throughout the country.

That said, we must add that the climate is changing in Costa Rica, just like in the rest of the world, so the dry and rainy seasons intermingle all year round. But let’s see when to travel to Costa Rica according to the place you want to visit.

When to travel to San José

To enjoy the beauty of San José, choose the best months from February to April, because the weather is more sunny and pleasant. December and January are also valid months to travel, since they correspond to the dry season. From May to November, however, the rains may spoil your visit; although as we said before, the mornings will be sunny.

The average temperature in San José can be between 15ºC and 25ºC from December to April, which makes the dry season the perfect time to visit the Costa Rican capital.

When to travel to Puerto Limón

If you plan to travel to the Caribbean coast and visit Puerto Limón, Tortuguero or Puerto Viejo, you will have a humid and warm climate practically throughout the year. During the dry season, the temperatures will oscillate between 20ºC and 30ºC; thanks to the trade winds, the climate is quite moderate.

On the other hand, during the dry season, February and April are the best months to discover these paradises of Costa Rica. Most tourists choose February and March, so take note that in February everything will be more expensive and there will be many more people. If you want to avoid it, it is better to choose March, and avoid July, since it is the month with the highest number of precipitations.

When to travel to the three regions of the Pacific

In Costa Rica, there are three distinct regions which face the Pacific Ocean. The Central Pacific, where Playa Hermosa, Jacó, Quepos, Puntaneras, etc. are, have their best temperatures during the dry season, that is, between December and April. In the South Pacific, where the Corcovado National Park is located, the months of the dry season coincide, but it is a more rainy area. In the North Pacific area, where tourists visit Tamarindo or Flamingo, it will also be the preferred dry season to travel.

The climate in these three regions is characterised by an average of temperatures ranging from 24ºC to 34ºC throughout the dry season. April is the warmest month, while December is somewhat less hot, and has plenty of sunshine.

A case apart is the province of Guanacaste (North Pacific), the driest of all, with a climate similar to that of the African savannah. With its nine hours of sun a day, the temperature reaches 35ºC during the dry season. From May to November (rainy season), you will still have 30ºC, although the rains still appear, especially in September and October.

Broadly speaking, and as you have seen, from December to April would be the ideal months to travel to Costa Rica and discover all its natural beauty.